Year 1980 will be a tough one for Indira Gandhi and her country. Her location chart, cast for New Delhi (the seat of her government), indicates that she has been having and will continue to have problems with the parliament; partially because of her strong and willful personality, and partially because of her desire to bring about modernization, and the proposed changes appearing to many people as too swift and too sweeping. She has many enemies who will try to unseat her, but more by an open rebellion than by hidden plots.

There is a strong possibility of hostilities erupting during 1980 and 1981 (from within as well as without) and she should be very watchful (even though she is well protected) for there might be an attempt to overthrow her government. These aspects are strongly accentuated around August and September 1980 and then from October on.

At the same time she herself might be forced to change temporarily the form of her government by having to assume dictatorial powers and this action might be precipitated by the state of emergency.

Her chart is dotted with stressful periods: Few days around February 16, the last two weeks in March through the first three weeks in April; from the end of May through the first two weeks in June; from the month of August through September; and then from October to the end of 1980 and spilling over into 1981.

And yet, on her chart, the crisis does not loom as ominously as on the charts of some other world leaders, simply because she can cope with the crisis much better than the others. Her chart indicates that she has resources and the strength -- she is like a Hoover Dam that is much more capable of holding back the raging waters than a hastily built, homemade dike.

She is not very intelligent but she is also very powerful. More than that, she knows the value of power and will use it to its limits, if necessary, since for all her idealism she is also very pragmatic. She has long-range plans and long-range vision and she knows where she is going. She can face anger and hate quite easily, for she does not have an inner need to be loved and admired by everyone. She just might get where she is going.

Her chart is karmically tied to the charts of Khomeini and the deposed shah of Iran, and I would venture to say (from the aspects of these three charts) that the Iranian situation (the fall of the shah) affected her very deeply and might even have motivated her to run. Her chart indicates that she has an intuitive perception of the ayatollah. Her advice on how to deal with him would be invaluable for she understands him better than anyone.

Her chart does not clash too much with Leonid Brezhnev's chart, but unfortunately her chart and Jimmy Carter's are automatically inimical. The charts of Vance and Brzezinski also do not jibe with hers, simply because her chart is so much stronger than these three.

She is very idealistic but not in Polyannaish way. She has no use for anyone who goes to sleep in his house with all the doors and windows open and then blames the burglar for stealing him blind. Gandhi knows that cobras as well as nonpoisonous snakes exist in this world, and that they always act according to their natures. Any man who thinks he can change the nature of a cobra she considers to be a fool, and she has not a shred of respect for nor patience with fools.

What disturbs me most is the clash between hers and Jimmy Carter's charts (as well as with the chart of Hamilton Jordan). Carter's Mars, the planet of action, falls on the cusp of her seventh house of open enemies and does not bode good. His Mars position automatically presents her with a warring situation that she will immediately take a stand against. For she will fight and fight fiercely any infringement on her territory that she considers vital either to her interests or to the interest of her country. With her chart, she is becoming a power in this crisis, and she should be reckoned with and treated as the power that she is. (For example, it would have been much better to consult with her first before going off to Pakistan or to China -- her two enemies.)

My advice:

I really have none. I am sure that she has been advised by her astrologers as to her destiny and her path. I can only advise Carter to tread lightly, for she understands him better than he would wish to be understood. And to ignore her or to try to dictate to her, or to deal behind her back, is to invite troubles.

However, Gandhi's chart poses an interesting philosophical question. Toynbee said that the world has its destiny and thus at certain times countries elect their leaders (good or bad) in order to fulfill that destiny. It certainly seemed to be true when Queen Elizabeth ascended to the English throne with her very afflicted chart and the British Empire began to fall apart. Gandhi's chart is so tied up to the present crisis that it raises the question: Does she represent India's destiny, or does she make the destiny for India?