"The enclosed check is sent as part of expenses incurred back in 1933-34 at the old Children's Hospital, when total care was given to my daughter, who was almost burned to death. She was a patient for nine months."

Staff members of the Federal Labor Relations Authority and the National Office of the General Counsel of the same organization sent me a letter containing several checks and a tag marked $202.50. Closer inspection revealed the total represented to be $343.50. My thanks are hereby extended to this "higher Authority."

The U.S. Navy steamed into action again today with checks totaling $581 from Headquarters Naval Material Comand in Arlington. A check for $222 included in that total was from the Navmat Recreation Association.

Our two groups added $924.50 to the $891.25 sent in by 38 District Liners for a total today of $1,815.75. Added to the $223,969.70 already in the shoebox gives us a new figure of $225,785.45. Tomorrow we say goodbye.

Support for Children's Hospital is still coming in, although it's not hard to tell that the end is in sight.

But while we have 10 months "off" between now and the start of our next fund drive on Dec. 1, the "built-in deficit" at Children's Hospital won't get a moment's rest. It will be growing he leaps and bounds. The operating costs incurred by and for needy children in 1980 will soar.

When that drive starts, though, I won't be as nervous as I was this year. I'll already know that thousands of District Liners and "informal groups" and organizations are standing by, ready to engage that deficit in combat.

I won't even worry about whether or not we'll beat the record posted this winter by concerned and generous readers. I'll just accept the inevitable as an article of faith. Maybe we can get the percentage needed to counter inflation next time.

One contribution I'll be really looking forward to will be from some friends of the hospital in the Gaithersburg area who "conceived the idea of producing once-a-month parties for the enjoyment of all and for raising funds for Children's Hospital." The group has already scheduled February and March parties in the Hamlet Party Room of Montgomery Village.

They sent me four checks totaling $103.25 after the successful conclusion of their first party (reported Jan. 22). Those funds went to benefit the "Maria Bassett Memorial Free Use Fund" that covers the medical expenses incurred by needy children receiving medical treatment at Children's."

With 10 months to go before next season's campaign opens, this dedicated group of good-time lovers should have a very sizable contribution to kick off our annual effort. Write me a letter if you want more information on this group. They're really fantastic!

The drip-drip-drip of the pipeline brought late responses from 38 "anonymous" District Liners and from two organizations. This morning the shoebox was still straining under the bulk of a record $223,969.70. It's bound to get "fuller."

This is my last chance to share with you some of the mail it's been my pleasure to receive each day during the drive. Let's investigate today's tidbits from the pipeline together:

With a check for $5 (and about three dozen other checks): "Sorry I am so late with this. No excuses other than ordinary procrastination." I'm thankful our swift couriers of the U.S. Postal Service aren't proscrastinators.

With a check for "Everyday I look for the amount needed to reach your goal. Have never contributed before as we had several boys in college and money was scarce. Even though now my husband is retired and we still have one son in college, we feel we must contribute something. Someday our little grandson may need Children's Hospital's services."

Ah, how the advent of that first little grandchild has been known to loosen pursestrings. It warms the heart.

With another $10 check, mailed from Los Angeles, California: "Thank God Dad sent me The Washington Post Deadline tonight! Love you."

With yet one more $10 check: "Please mention this contribution in honor of the staff on 'West 1,' Circle Terrace Hospital, Alexandria."

With a check for $11.25: "My teenaged daughter collected and earned this money for Children's Hospital."

With a check for "As others have said, "I wish this was more.'"

With a check for