The Office of Personnel Management periodically issues a newsletter entitled Part-Time Update, as well as fact sheets on various issues such as rights and benefits of federal part-time employes, and part-time employment options for the older worker. For more information on federal permanent part time, contact Ed McHugh or Ellen Russel, OPM, 1900 E St. NW. 632-6817.

Other sources of information on part-time employment:

Job Sharers, Inc. Judy Hodges, Carol Parker, co-directors. P.O. Box 1542, Arlington, Va. 22210. 560-1117. Promotes job sharing by holding monthly seminars on how to find shared-job positions and how to share a job.

New Job Directions, Inc. Marilyn Elprin, Kathy Jordan, co-directors. 10567 Tolling Clock Way, Columbia, Md. 21044. 730-5261. Resource for organizations and individuals interested in learning about and implementing job sharing and other permanent part-time arrangements.

Association of Part-Time Professionals, Inc. Diane Rothberg, director P.O. Box 3632, Alexandria, Va. 22302. 370-6206. Nonprofit membership organization formed to promote employment opportunities for qualified individuals seeking part-time professional positions.

National Council for Alternative Work Patterns, Inc. 1925 K Street NW, Suite 308A, Washington, D.C. 20006. 466-4467. National nonprofit research and resource organization providing information on flexible ways of work scheduling and reduced work-hour programs to business, government, labor and special-interest groups.