What do you know about love? While we may not know exactly what it is, new findings contradict some long-cherished beliefs. To rate yourself on your love knowledge, respond to each statement with Fact or Fiction. The correct answers follow.

1 -- A man or woman will experience only one true love in life.

2 -- When you are deeply and truly in love, it absorbs all your energies and thoughts.

3 -- If someone loves you, he or she will never exploit you.

4 -- Women's love needs are different from men's.

5 -- Men have a greater capacity for true love than women.

6 -- Everyone has the ability to fall in love.

7 -- Hate is the opposite of love.

8 -- Most people fall in love with someone who reminds them of their parent of the opposite sex.

9 -- Men are more interested in sex than in love.

10 -- When you are in love, you understand the person you love completely.

11 -- Men handle serious love problems better than women do.

12 -- If you will just wait, you are bound to find the partner of your dreams. Answers

1 -- Fiction. If a man or woman is capable of loving another person, he or she has the capacity to love many times and many people. This is why widows and widowers can have happy marriages. And there are many kinds of love. Parents love all their children, not just one.

2 -- Fiction. Love acts to expand your capacities and increase your drive and energy. It stimulates the imagination and makes people more eager to achieve.

3 -- Fiction. Love often involves exploitation. A man may love a woman and yet take advantage of her love to ask that she put his interests first and subordinate her desires or career to his.

4 -- Fiction. Both men and women need to be desired, admired, and assured of the other's love.

5 -- Fiction. Studies show that women have an infinitely greater capacity for love than men.

6 -- Fiction. Some people cannot love. Some have deep-seated emotional blocks that do not permit them to love. Others are too self-centered to give love.

7 -- Fiction. If there is an opposite to love, the closet thing would be indifference. The fact is that love and hate are very closely related. It is quite normal for people to have occasional flashes of hatred for the person they love.

8 -- Fiction. We used to believe this, but research has demonstrated that both men and woman tend to seek a mate who has the best qualities of their mother.

9 -- Fiction. A recent survey of more than 4,000 men found that more than a third of them believed that love was the most important thing in life and another third were convinced that love made sex better.

10 -- Fiction. The more deeply in love you are, the worse your judgement is about the character and temperament of the person you love. The old saying that "love is blind" has a lot of truth.

11 -- Fiction. Women seem to cope better with disappointment in love than men. Three times as many men as women commit suicide because of unhappy love affairs.

12 -- Fiction. Very few men and women ever find the partner of their dreams. The person we fall in love with is usually completely different from our picture of the ideal husband or wife.