Sally Nash, known locally as one of the finest teachers at the Dance Exchange, has for the past six years led a double life as a teacher in and resident of Rappahannock County, Va. In 1976, she formed The Last Minute Wood Company, a group of men, women and children named in honor of the hard task of scrouging up firewood during a country winter.

This past weekend, Nash and five of her athletic and refreshingly unaffected female dancers journeyed to the Baltimore Theater Project to perform the choreograhpher's direct and mesmerizing "Seven Dreams and an Awakening." Stifled by a severely technical background Nash has found that her subconscious provides her with a wealth of hones, unimpeded movement material, and that anybody's dreams may lead to a dance, and perhaps a cleansing.

After improvising dream ideas from the audience the company hauled out a huge wooden bed, and danced "Seven Dreams" with unadorned energy. In half-light, Nash tossed and turned. One by one, a string of dreams (nightmares too) were played out: an Evil Lady in a red gown repeatedly tempted and tortured the sleeper: Nash and her sister shared a boat ride; three awful nurses prepared her for surgery; an open door revealed a gaggle of harpies.

The exorcism of these demons appeared in the form of a sculptural replica of Nash. Fashioning this life-size, eerie doll into a pillow, the now-conscious, very much relieved dreamer smiled.