Q: Are old calendars collectible? A: Yes. However, their value depends on their type, art work, advertisements, features and condition. Many are listed and priced in the book "A Collectors Identification and Value Guide -- Paper Collectibles," by Robert D. Connolly. It's available for $8.95, plus 75 cents postage, from Books Americans Inc., P.O. Box 2326, Florence, Alabama 35630. Many calendars produced today are the collectibles of tomorrow, especially if they are of the uncommon variety. One outstanding example is "The Lewis and Clark Desk Calendar and 1805 Journal" for 1980. It's available for $6, plus $1 for postage and handling, from Marketcom, P.O. Box AJ, Fenton, Missouri 63025. Q: What is an Adam and Eve sampler? A: Such a sampler features among its many stitched motifs of fruit, flowers, birds, animals and trees, the figures of Adam and Eve standing on either side of an apple tree with a serpent wrapped around its trunk. Some (but not all) picture the famous couple with an "A" stitched above Adam's head and the letter "E" over Eve's head to identify them. The Adam and Eve motif first appeared on an American sampler in 1741. Any examples featuring the pair without a "stitch" of clothing on their bodies are sought. Other sought-after samplers feature a pair of charming little biblical spies carrying a mammoth bunch of grapes. Q: Do you know of any books that list the works of the potter McCoy? A: Books, by Pamela Coates, include: "The Real McCoy Volume I" for $5.95, "The Real McCoy Volume II" for $8.95, and "The Real McCoy Bicentennial Price Guide" for $5.95. Write Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1912 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50305. Include 75 cents postage for each book ordered.