YOU MIGHT never have thought about it, but most of the world's great chefs and eaters have astrological signs, too. Julia Child, for example, is a Leo. Nero Wolfe is a Sagittarius. Craig Claiborne is a Virgo, Gael Green is a Capricorn, James Beard is a Taurus, Paul Bocuse is an Aquarius and Andre Soltner is a Scorpio.

And now, for the meat of the matter -- the third and final part of our gourmet guide to the stars.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Sag. is the sign of knowledge and is under the influence of Jupiter. He's an optimist: cheerful, candid, steady; also he's reckless, rude, fickle and emotionally unstable. He tends to be articulate and graceful in expression, whatever medium he chooses. His main failing is that he sees everything -- politics, religion, even romance -- in black-and-white terms. What's right is right, which is to say, he's right. Shakespeare is silent on the matter, but Petruchio must have been a Sag.

Sagittarius is a centaur, half-man half-horse; intellectually he's delicate enough, but emotionally he has a pretty thick hide. William F. Buckley Jr., William Blake, Billy the Kid, Winston Churchill, Charles Schultz, Frank Sinatra, James Thurber, Jane Fonda, Beethoven, Eleanor Roosevelt, Noel Coward, Louisa May Alcott, Walt Disney and George Armstrong Custer are all Sag's.

Sagittarius has a taste for earthy foods: nuts, grains, mushrooms and truffles, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, parsnips, sweet potatoes, celery root. (Don't cook the crunch out.) He is also fond of the mustier spices -- cloves, cinnamon, allspice, mace, sage, black pepper over any other color -- and those chewier seafoods that sort of smell like garden dirt: abalone, squid, mussels.

He enjoys strong-textured, even gamy meats such as mutton and venison; he's the kind who buys buffalo when it pops up at the butcher's. He also likes the more potent organ meats: livers and gizzards and kidneys. He likes barbecued and grilled meats with a little smoky crust on them, and darker condiments such as Lea & Perrins, A-1 and Piccapepper sauces.

Sag. tends to dark, heavy drinks, from root beer to rye, stout and ale, espresso and armagnac. He is fond of the anisette family of liquers, and the coffee flavors. He prefers Pepsi to Coke, and quinine water to Tom Collins mix.

CAPRICON (Dec. 22-Jan. 20): Capricon is the sign of experience, under Saturn. He's a loner -- determined, dependable, rational and tranquil; selfish, ambitious, unbending, snobbish. He carefully weighs the pros and cons of a situation, but like St. Jude, he has an unhappy affinity for lost causes. He may be heartbroken by his divided loyalties, but once he sees his duty, he is ruthless in its performance. Unpopularity and adversity may wound him, but it will not deter him. He's slow to love, but unwavering thereafter. Capricorn is the quintessential Humphrey Bogart character -- in fact, Bogart was a Capricorn. So is Richard Nixon, Henry Miller, J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph Smith, Barry Goldwater, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Robert E. Lee, Anwar el-Sadat, Woodrow Wilson, Daniel Webster, Mao Tse-Tung, Edgar Allen Poe and Joseph Stalin. Legend has it that anyone born on Christmas Day is safe from the Devil: You can even fool him by signing away your soul for whatever -- when he comes to collect, you can stiff him for the bill.

Capricorn is not an imaginative eater. His idea of entertaining is charcoal-broiling a steak. Take him out for lunch along Connecticut Avenue, and he's apt to eat a hot dog from the vendor. He's great at a baseball game -- franks and popcorn and beer -- but a little off his feed at the Four Seasons.

One good bet might be Mexican or Tex-Mex cooking. Refried beans, tortillas, enchiladas, jalapenos, taco chips and chili sauce just might give this slow dancer the hot foot.

On the other hand, Capricorn, like his namesake, is a great devourer of leftovers. Second-day spaghetti sauce turned into pizza, roast beef or turkey hash, cold seafood salad, potato pancakes, curried-filled samosas and wilted salad will be digested with just as much gusto (or more) as hot-off-the-presses duck.

Capricorn is the type who would be embarrassed to order anything elaborate from the bar, and wouldn't drink a Harvey Wallbanger on a bet. He probably started on scotch-and-soda, maybe a dry martini, and he'll be drinking that for 20 years. He buys beer by the case and wine by the jug.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19): The symbol of idealism, child of Uranus. A visionary; inventive, tolerant, outgoing, eccentric, neurotic, oblivious, didactic. He sees life through a carnival mirror, compressed or bent, or in his own image writ large. He's not the crusading type, but the immovable object; he will not proselytize, but he'll steadfastly continue on his own path. If he writes, he satirizes rather than denounces. He's a humanist, unlikely to belong to any organized religion. He'll tell you he has no illusions about life, but he has more than he realizes. Sir Thomas More, Paddy Chayefsky, Anton Chekhov, James Dean, Charles Darwin, Jules Feiffer, Galileo, Adlai Stevenson, Jules Verne, Somerset Maugham, Virginia Woolf, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Norman Mailer, Jackson Pollack and Alex Comfort are all Aquarians. So is Ronald Reagan. Maybe he really believes we own the Panama Canal.

Aquarius is a nervous eater. He's fussy about table settings and linen and spotless glasses. He does not, even when young, like to stir all his portions together into an impromptu casserole. He eats each dish one at a time, working his way around the plate. He believes in cleaning the plate, too -- he dislikes waste of any sort.

On the other hand, he's a charming dinner companion because of his conversation, which is extraordinarily wide-ranging. Aquarius reads a lot, has an offbeat sense of humor and a gift for description that is really captivating.

Serve Aquarius neat foods that don't require hacking with a knife. He will really be upset if a sudden detached hunk of kebab pushes rice all over the tablecloth. Foods that come already compartmentalized -- shrimp, Brussels sprouts, finger carrots, grapes, artichoke, strawberries, tiny potatoes, quail, radishes, stuffed pasta shells, stews and stroganovs -- are ideal. Aquarius eats well with his hands. Otherwise, stick to foods that are easily cut (and quiet -- Aquarius hates those scraping noises): boned breast of chicken, pounded veal, asparagus, melon, avocado, sweatbreads. In seasonings, rely on the lighter herbs and spices: basil, mint, dill, coriander, poppy seed, lemon juice, shallots, vanilla and white pepper.

Aquarius drinks teas of numerous and exotic varieties, and prefers cafe au lait or cappucino to strong coffee. He tries to suit his cocktail to the dinner, and has a fairly wide repertory, but you can safely serve a dry, light wine for dinner. Aquarius keeps an occasional eye on his waistline, so have Perrier or the like on hand, and maybe ginger ale.

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20): The sign of submission, under the influence of Neptune. As in many Eastern religions, the final step is submission to the Greater Good. Pisces is compassionate, affectionate, sensitive, self-depreciating, likely to have unusual psychic powers. On the negative side, he can be timid and weak-willed, masochistic, procrastinating and insecure.

Pisces has a healing power about him, and is selfless in his devotion to troubled friends; he may also become a very fine doctor. He is an introvert and may turn clumsy or self-destructive when forced into the limelight against his will. He has great flair and fondness for color, will dress and decorate with a bold but sure hand. He may be a cold fish on the outside, but get inside his scaly hide and he's a fine and flexible lover. Even with his flaws, he is much beloved by his friends.Albert Einstein, Luther Burbank, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edward Albee, Frederic Chopin, Michaelangelo, Jean Renoir, John Steinbeck, Patricia Nixon, Victor Hugo, Edgar Cayce and George Washington were all Pisces. So are Ted Kennedy and John Connally.

Pisces prefers the lighter-fleshed foods. He enjoys fish of almost all types, seafoods, organ meats (especially brains and sweetbreats), eggs, veal and chicken; he is also among the greatest fans of fresh fruit, salads and cheese. Once in a while he enjoys a good sirloin, but he is just as happy eating cottage cheese for lunch as a hamburger. He likes well-fried food, although he has a low tolerance for grease or heavy batters: Tempura would be ideal, or beignets in the morning. He likes corn meals and grits and oatmeal; okra, fennel and all sorts of "greens"; sweet-hot flavors more than sharp-hot.

Pisces has a sweet tooth and won't consider his meal complete without dessert, but you don't need to fuss about a fancy torte: He will be satisfied with ice cream or fruit, especially if you happen to have a whipped cream on top. He is also a fan of bread at all meals and generally prefers lightly-salted butter to sweet. He loves jams and preserves and honey and sorghum, and you can score some extra points by making him homemade jelly.

Pisces is also a lover of tradition. If you have a particular wine at some special occasion, be sure to serve it again for anniversaries or other special evenings. He will be very touched.