Dan Rather was born Oct. 31, 1931, and has his sun in Scorpio. For years Americans have been tuning in on Sundays to hear "60 Minutes" with Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, Harry Reasoner and the ticking clock. Also during this time millions were tuning in to hear Roger Mudd give us our daily news, especially when he was substituting for Walter Cronkite. The recent announcement that the powers that be annointed Dan Rather to succeed Walter Cronkite as anchorman of the "CBS Evening News" caught many by surprise and gave rise to the question: "Why Dan Rather instead of Roger Mudd?"

Usually an astrologer can easily answer such a question, providing he can obtain the charts of the contenders and of their present employer. The contender whose chart is the most closely and congenially tied to that of an employer will have the winning edge. If all of the contenders' charts are tied to the employer equally well, then the contender whose chart is aspected the strongest will forge ahead.

In this case the power figure is William Paley. He was born Sept. 21, 1901, and has his sun in Virgo. Roger Mudd was born Feb. 9, 1928, and has his sun in Aquarius. Dan Rather, in addition to his sun in Scorpio, has also Venus and Mercury in that sign. His Mercury is karmicallay tied to Paley's chart. Their charts are also connected by other aspects that are both strong and benevolent.

Mudd's chart has no exact connections with Paley's chart, and the few close aspects it has are restrictive rather than productive. Moreover, Mudd's chart indicates a very important aspect, namely, an aspect of timing. His chart is "red hot" and has been since last August. This tremendous pressure has been brought about by two eclipses that have already fallen on his chart. A third eclipse affecting it this August means the changes are current. I believe some offer will come his way (it might be as soon as March) and will be a very good one.

Even though Rather's chart has come to the forefront the position of anchorman might be a mixed blessing for him. His chart indicates investigative reporting is much closer to his nature.

Rather's Scorpio planets are dynamically supported by Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. This configuration indicates an intense man with a great deal of emotional depth and an excellent mind that likes to probe, to ferret out secrets and solve puzzles. His Scorpio planets endow him with tenacity and intense loyalty to those whom he deems worthy. But they will also make him secretive, private and someone who might be hard to approach and know well. He is probably conservative, fixed in his opinions and a man who will defend his principles "until hell freezes over."

Rather likes to work on his own and may have difficulty delegating responsibility. Even though he operates exceptionally well under the pressure of deadlines he does not like to be rushed.

Given the investigative nature of this man and his preference for "sinking his teeth" into a project, "60 Minutes" must have been very satisfying to him. I would venture to say it was probably more fulfilling than his work as an anchor man will ever be.

My predictions:

Rather is supposed to succeed Walter Cronkite in 1981. What is very interesting, however, is an indication on the chart that another set of changes is coming for him in 1982 and then again in 1984. These changes seem to affect his professional life more than his personal one. I cannot say what he will do, but until these aspects pass (through 1983) I am not going to be sure that I will be seeing Dan Rather as an anchorman for many years to come.

My advice.

Since you were born in 1931 you often strongly feel an urgent need for change and for a break from a set situation. This urge to break free is strongly accentuated at present, and I would suggest you consider this offer very carefully. The need for good exposure is strong in your chart and the time might come when nothing will be able to compensate for the lack of opportunity to do so. It is not a question of whether you can be a good anchorman, it is a question of whether you will be able to stand it. I believe, that on your days off, you will be researching some story in depth, a story that caught your interest when you reported it briefly on your news broadcast. The investigative side of your nature, like hunger, will always demand to be satisfied and unless you can do that you will never be quite content.