Some dreams almost everybody has, says psychologist Gayle Delaney. Even these common dreams can help you solve problems. Among them:

The Exam: You dream you are to take an important exam, but you aren't prepared and you wake up terrified. Ask yourself, "What test am I about to take in my life that I'm not prepared for?"

Flying: "Most people enjoy flying dreams. You wake up feeling exhilarated. But if you find your dreams turning to flying constantly "for sheer pleasure," she suggests you might be trying to escape the pressures of your waking hours. "Ask yourself if you're not limiting yourself in your daytime life? How is it during the day I don't fly?"

Falling: "How might I be falling -- from my values, my goals, someone who esteems me?"

Paralysis: You're trying to run away, but are bogged down. Ask "What's going on in my life just like this?"

Nightmares: "Symptoms of problems you have not successfully dealt with."

So far as nudity, analysts generally agree that the dream has less to do with sex than with personal qualms about revealing defacts and "baring) oneself to others.

Ann Faraday says that many dreams involving intercourse "use sex as a metaphor. They tell us just how much libido we have tied up in any particular event in our lives and what experiences set the life-energy flowing for us."

Sometimes, Delaney says, you can change you dream if you tell yourself to while you are awake. If you'r falling, try to fly. If you're fleeing, tell yourself to turn around and confront whatever is behind you.

If you're bogged down, go in the opposite direction. In doing so, you might discover a solution.