Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was born Oct. 18, 1919, and has his sun in Libra. Like Indira Gandhi he was elected to office by a landslide after having been out of office, and like Indira Gandhi's chart his chart also accentuates prominently the 25-28th degree of Scorpio. Pierre Trudeau joins other world leaders who have their charts directly and strongly affected this year by the station of Uranus on the 25th degree of Scorpio.

Astrologically, what is also very interesting is the fact that Trudeau was born eight days before the shah, of Iran (born Oct. 26, 1919). In this particular case, the only difference between the two charts is that the shah's sun is in Scorpio and his moon in Sagittarius, while Trudeau's sun is in Libra and his moon is in Leo. But even though all their other planets are in identical signs and form almost identical configurations, both negative and positive, the difference between their sun and moon positions makes all the difference in the world by accentuating and strengthening all the positive in Trudeau's chart and all the negative in the shah's chart.

Both men have sun trine (120 degrees apart) Uranus which gives them boldness, originality, independence, progressive urge and an unconventional and dramatic approach. And both have this Uranus afflicted by Mars and Saturn indicating that their bold innovations will be stymied by a strong opposition. Yet, because Trudeau's sun-Uranus trine is very strong it overrides the afflictions to Uranus in his chart so his progressiveness will have a much better chance of succeeding by overriding the opposition.

In contrast, the trine of sun-Uranus in the shah's chart is weak, it does not override the affliction to his Uranus, thus his Uranian progressiveness had been stymied and overthrown.

In addition, Trudeau's moon in Leo (the moon in the charts of government leaders represents the population of their country), even though opposed to Uranus (sudden changes), is extremely well supported by the rest of the chart, while the shah's moon in Sagittarius is badly afflicted by the same Saturn and Mars in Virgo, thus the population has turned against him.

Because of the closeness of the charts, however, I would say these two men would understand one another, and Trudeau would feel sympathetic to the plight of the shah (he may be inclined to give the shah asylum).

One thing that is striking on Trudeau's chart is its complete integration. Despite the boldness of that sun-Uranus trine, the rest of the chart is somber. Trudeau will not go on strange tangents. His mind is good, deeply intuitive and tends to perceive a whole picture rather than bits and pieces. He will try to solve problems by proposing package remedies rather than administering bandages here and there. He is judicious and not given to sudden moves. He is deliberate in his approach even though at times too optimistic.

Trudeau's innate desire for drama (sun-Uranus trine, moon in Leo opposition Uranus, conjoined with other Leo planets), which because of the general tenor of his chart he would be rather reticent to act out himself, has been expressed through his marriage (moon in a man's chart) and indicates he probably will always be vulnerable to and seek relationships with bold, dramatic, unusual women.

My predictions:

The Uranus station 25th degree of Scorpio is one of the major factors that brought him back into power at this crucial time. Other aspects on the chart indicate major changes for him four-five years from now. In 1982, however, the chart indicates a great deal of stress, with the tide turning and going quite against him. Yet it seems he survives the difficulties and I do not think he will be voted out of office at that time.

He is not the only one under stress in 1982. The charts of many other world leaders indicate very unpleasant aspects at that time and probably another international crisis of major proportions.

For the remainder of this year his chart indicates a great deal of activity, but it is more the kind of activity that puts the house in order, so to speak, rather than attempting to build a brand new house. Some events of major proportions may still occur between now and the end of April. During the month of May he may go forward with his domestic plans and the chart is thrown again into some kind of prominence in December of 1980 through January of 1981.

Since his is the chart of a well-integrated and somber man, even if sometimes boldly inventive and original, I expect him to guide the ship of state with steady hand and deliberate pace. This man knows what he wants for his country. He knows where he is going and has clear ideas on how to get there. The Canadians, in contrast to the U.S., have a leader who will repeat on Friday what he told them on Monday. They will have a clear picture of where they are supposed to be at the end of the year and how they will get there. They may oppose the direction, but at least they will know what the direction is and what steps will be taken. What an enviable position.

My advice:

There is an inherent weakness in Trudeau's penchant for dramatics and this desire is strongly accentuated at the end of this year. He should guard himself against following it, not because it will cause him problems, but because it will not last.


There was a mistake in my last column. William Paley was born Sept. 28, 1901 and not on Sept. 21, thus his sun is in Libra. Other aspects mentioned are correct.