"Mary," one of the student revolutionaries holding our hostages in Iran, was born Sept. 20, 1960, and has her sun in Virgo. She probably was chosen by the captors to be their spokesman because of her excellent English. In the past several months we have seen her frequently on TV, articulating their demands and grievances. Soft-spoken, brown-eyed with her pretty face framed in "chador" she appeared the demure young lady. But, in a calm voice, said she could easily kill anyone who appeared to be an enemy of her cause.

It is interesting to note in an ABC news report that "Mary", even though born in Iran, came to this country with her parents (her father was studying here) and lived in Philadelphia. There she went to kindergarten and is remembered as a lonely child, very shy and very religious. In 1968 her parents returned to Tehran. She wanted to become a physician and applied to three American colleges but even though she was accepted by Bryn Mawr, she remained in Iran and studied at Tehran University.

Like the charts of so many other revolutionaries, anarchists and fanatics, her chart also indicates a person who embraces a cause and clings to it fiercely, not because of any objective calculation of that cause, but because its dogma solves this person's own internal conflict.

I call it "a sour grapes" story: Because you cannot obtain what you deeply desire, due to your own sense of inadequacy, (real or imagined), you reject and condemn that desire while at the same time making your inadequacy into a virtue.

I cannot help but feel sorry for her. If she were born to parents whose religion was less orthodox than Islam, she would have probably became a success, for this chart has much more predilection and ability for nursing than for killing.

With her Virgo planets (sun, moon and others), strongly aspected by Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, and indirectly by Uranus, she is very idealistic, forceful, combative and very desirous of making a big splash and having the world note her achievements. There is also a strong sense of duty and responsibility and the capacity to apply herself to the task at hand. Unfortunately, all these planets in Virgo make her also very critical of herself and of others and always dissatisfied with her own accomplishments as well as the accomplishments of others. Nothing and no one can meet the standards she sets for herself.

In addition, with her Jupiter Mars opposition she attempts much more than she can ever do, and this augments the disappointment making her feel painfully inadequate and continuously unhappy with herself. Her planetary configurations set up the conflict between her idealistic vision of a utopian world where she is in the limelight, and her sense of inadequacy where she feels she could never make it.

She is like a child wishing to be queen of the ball and fantasizing all the aspects of it, yet sensing that in reality she would freeze at the entrance, feeling awkward and unattractive.

Her Mercury and Venus in Libra, supported by Uranus and other planets, give her a love of beauty, music and dancing. They fuel the desire for beautiful clothes, make-up, luxury. Yet these planets are repressed by cold Saturn, that whispers in her ears that all this is frivolity and wasteful distraction from other serious and much more important things in life. Saturn tells her that life should be a life of service and constant self-abnegation.

So she becomes a revolutionary. This satisifes her desire for making a dramatic splash, and attracting attention, but it is of course, not she who wants it -- she serves the cause and it is the cause that attracts the attention.

Her inability to become that queen of the ball, because of the self-criticism that make her feel awkward, unattractive and impure, finds haven and solace in her religion. Now her inadequacies are a virtue. It is sinful to listen to decadent western music, bare one's body and loosen one's hair. It is virtuous for a woman to hide herself.

She is a revolutionary, not because of any objective evaluation of the cause she serves, but by becoming a revolutionary she has resovled the conflict within herself. The cause becomes her defense mechanism and frees her. When she says she can kill, it is not because she believes in the cause, but because an attack on the cause is an attack of her.

My predictions:

The current passage of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars through Virgo is accentuated stronly in her chart, and because of her configurations, threw her into the limelight. This limelight is lessening in a few weeks and does not repeat itself until late May. It becomes quite strong in August and may bring about a change of direction in her life. Her chart is karmically linked to Ban-Sadr. They could communicate with each other. But her chart and the chart of Khomeini are at "loggerheads." She should stay out of his way. With the Saturn moving into Libra her chart goes out of the limelight and brings a difficult time in her own life.

My advice:

So would make a good nurse, for she is basically very kind. She has been her own worst enemy. If she stays in Iran she will marry and marry well, but since this chart cannot be blocked totally she will always have a certain degree of regret and dissatisfaction within herself. w