Former President Gerald Ford was born July 14, 1913, and has his sun in Cancer. There has been a great deal of recent speculation as to whether he will enter the presidential race. Ford said last week that he will announce his decision "to be or not to be" within a week.

Astrologically, on the basis of his and his wife's charts, I say that, most probably, he will enter the race. I say "most probably" because any astrological chart can only indicate the timing, the inclination, a certain amount of pull, or opportunity, but a human being has a free will and can always say "no" to any possibility.

Their charts, however, are strongly aspected, full of a "gadabout" quality. Therefore, I would guess that if Ford decides not to enter the race, he will campaign vigorously and travel a great deal between now and the end of the year.

Since their charts are very much spotlighted, with some aspects being quite stressful, the decision-making process must be very painful for both of them. Some plantes fuel the desire to go forward, while others give strong desire to retreat.

In addition, some aspects indicate change in their home foundation and relocation. This relocation is very strongly accentuated by the end of the year, and one has to bear in mind that it could be a move to the White House. y

If Gerald Ford announces he will run, he has a very good chance of winning, even though his chart shows that he is not all fired up to be president again. There is a tug of war between his sense of duty and responsibility to his country and his love and care for his wife. Her chart is just as divided between her desire to "stay put" and be comfortable, and her desire to go along with her husband and make him comfortable.

If he were elected his chart indicates what kind of a president he would make at this time. It is not the chart of an innovator but rather of a steady and cautious keeper. If he were to have command of our ship of state, he would immediately bring her to a screeching halt, reverse her course and lead her out into clam waters to assess the damage, and discuss the repairs. He does not have grandiose ideas about making a leaky ship survive a typhoon, but a simple plan to take her, as soon as possible, out of the typhoon and do the repairs. He feels the time for innovation is when the ship is in dry dock, not in the eye of the hurricane.

Jerry Ford is cautious, judicious, prudent and stubborn. This chart has calmness about it, and no desire for heroics, grandiose plans or sudden changes. "Steady goes it" is its motto. "All things come in time," and he does not think of himself as the savior of the world.

My predictions:

Gerald Ford's chart is as well aspected as those of other frontrunners. He could win the nomination and election. If he announces his decision before 9:04 a.m. Eastern Standard Time Wednesday, he will have an aspect of Retrograde Mercury. In astrology there is a dictum that as long as such position of Mercury is in force (which occurs three times a year, for a period of three weeks each), one should not make any new starts, or announce big decisions, for the results of such beginnings will not turn out the way they were planned or hoped for.

On the other hand, this Retrograde Mercury seems to be the signature of the Republican party this year; Reagan announced on Retrograde Mercury, now it seems that Ford may do the same. The Republican convention opens under Retrograde Mercury, and the election, Nov. 4, 1980, is held under Retrograde Mercury also. Such position is not bad, but it forces one to retrace steps and may possibly lead to reconvening the convention or beginning sometime anew from a different angle.

My advice:

It would be better for Gerald Ford to announce his decision at any time after 9:04 a.m. EST Wednesday, March 19. Mercury then would be direct and it will make the running easier.

For Betty I have only one thing to say -- she should take it easy, ride with the aspects and take care of her health. Since her chart is divided -- a part of her wold like to go along with her husband and gets excited at the thought while the other part wants to stay put without much limelight -- this internal war brings on strain. She should guard her nerves until the end of April.

Astrological update:

Sen. Baker, even though he anounced that he is out of the race, astrologically he is not yet out of the running. First of all, he announced that decision on Retrograde Mercury (thus subject to change). Secondly, with his chart so strongly aspected and its indication of inheritance he still might be the one that "pulls chestnuts out of the fire."

The same does not hold true as far as Connally's chart is concerned. His chart never had presidential potential and the aspects that were "red hot" last year all peaked before Christmas.

John Anderson will do well in the months ahead for his chart gains momentum as the time passes.

The chart of the shah (as well as of Khomeini) is entering one of the worst periods (from now through the end of April). It is again for both men the time of mortal danger.