A 19-year-old English youth, fed up with his employment prospects in his homeland, is offering himself as an indentured worker to the highest American bidder.

Stephen Upton of Hastings, Sussex, near Dover, has written the Dallas Morning News and newspapers in California and Florida, asking to run this ad -- "19-year-old English boy for sale to highest bidder in return for a new life in America. Would like to work on a ranch. Will pay my air fares."

Upton told The News that offering his services was "the only way I could think of" to find a job in the United States. By seeking a "buyer," Upton says he would work for whomever he lives with.

"There're thousands of young people over the whole of the south (of England) with just nothing to do," Upton said. "There's just no work, I can't see any sort of future doing anything I'd like to do here."

Upton, who said he watches the television program "Dallas," would prefer a job on a ranch but says he also likes to repair cars, read and make model airplanes.

"I can't be choosy," he said. "I'm very fit and healthy. I can do a good day's work."