Overspenders Anonymous' 12 steps for controlling compulsive overspending:

1. Identify your problem.

2. Build a support network. Have friends, relatives or an O(KEY OFF)(KEYWORD) group help talk you out of unnecessary purchases and share your successes in resisting temptation.

3. Assess current depts and income and build a workable budget for paying off debts. (Do not continue to increase debts.)

4. Approach your creditors to negotiate payment plans you can fit into the budget you've built.

5. Use your support network to help you change your shopping/buying behavior.

6. Set up realistic financial goals and a timetable for meeting them.

7. Keep track of your progress; share your successes. Do what you can to stop any backsliding, but don't dwell on it.

8. Pay off all outstanding credit-card debts.

9. Set up new guidelines for responsible credit use.

10. Begin saving money for your financial goal.

11. Reward yourself for accomplishments (not by spending money).

12.Check your financial status on a regular basis and adjust any backsliding. Set new financial goals as you accomplish the old ones. And -- now that you know the way -- help someone else you know who is a chronic overspender.