Answer these questions:

1. Are you still paying bills for purchases made a year ago? (Exclude car and house payments.)

2. Do you use credit cards instead of cash, even when the purchase is small and you have the money?

3. Is your checking account frequently overdrawn?

4. Do you shop for recreation?

5. Do you race the clock to get your paycheck to the bank before the checks you've written come in?

6. Are you often broke by payday?

7. Have you stoped having, or adding to, a savings account?

8. Are you depressed about your finances?

9. Do friends or family tease you about a champagne taste and a beer budget?

10. Are your credit cards usually at the maximum credit line available you?

11. Do you notice mood swings when shopping -- down before you go -- up while shopping -- down again after adding to your bill?

12. When you receive statements from creditors at tax time are you surprised at how high the interest figure is?

13. Would a small change in your income, or an unusual expense, throw your whole financial picture into chaos?

14. Do you sometimes give away things you bought because you really didn't need or want them?

15. Do you hope your children will handle money better than you do?

If you answered yes more often than no, you are probably a chronic overspender, according to O(KEY OFF)(KEYWORD). The first step in getting your finances under control, they say, is recognizing that you have a problem and wanting to change.