Mary Frampton doesn't know Donna Summer that well, so she isn't in the book "Mary Frampton & Friends Rock & Roll Recipes" (Doubleday Anchor Press, $8.95 paperback.)

"These recipes are from my friends, not just any famous rock singer, but people I have a feel for," explained the ex-wife of rock star Peter Frampton who was in town last week selling her cookbook. She is doing it on her own because the publisher won't pick up the tab for promoting. Nor is she happy about the lack of support from Doubleday's publicity department. "After the book was published they said okay, Mary, you're on your own now," Frampton said in British.

Doubleday has a point. Mary is a very nice person, but Mary is not a terrific writer. On the talents of her closest and dearest: "Pattie is a great cook . . . yvonne is a great singer . . . Peter is not the greatest cook in the world . . . Perry Press is an extraordinary character . . . Paul Butterfield is an extraordinary character . . . Jan is a great cook," and so on.

Frampton's point was to offer "an insight into the personality and life style of each person, through his or her special recipe and the manner in which it is presented . . . The recipes were given willingly and sincerely and all are part of the person," she said. The knowledge that Linda McCartney makes pea soup with onion, celery and tomatoes doesn't exactly provide insight into her personality, but it may excite some rock star fans knowing they are eating George Harrison's Dark Horse Lentil Soup. Or Ringo Starr's Fish 'N Chips: "Get in your car, or walk, whichever the case may be. Travel to your locak fish and chips shop and ask for cod and chips. Add salt and vinegar taste. Eat with fingers for best results -- I do! Bye."

"As You Like It" has a great beat and good lyrics. I give it a 95 . . . In an effort to raise money for the Holton-Arms School Library building fund, the school has published a cookbook.

There are over 500 tested prices recipes given from friends of the school and the cookbook committee such as Nanny's Italian Ricotta Cake, Cold Chocolate Souffle, Palm Beach Breakers Hotel Mushroom Soup and Perfect Rib Roast, illustrated by Margaret "Skiddy" Wotherspoon Miller. Food quotes from Shakespere are given throughout the book.

"As You Like It" can be ordered by sending $6 plus $1.50 postage and handling (Md. residents add 30 cents for sales tax) to: Holton-Arms Cookbook, 7303 River Road, Bethesda, Md. 20034.

Some golden oldies and a blast from the past -- the "Kitchen Bazaar's Nostalgic Collection of World Wide Family Favorites," compiled, tested and edited by Rona Cohen. This first volume of family favorite recipes from all over the world includes: desserts, breads and sweetbreads, soups and anytime dishes some of which have never before been written down. At the end of each recipe are notes from Cohen and the recipe donor with comments and variations on the recipes. Like this afterthought on adding almonds to Fenton's chipped beed: ". . . I questioned the reason for only being allowed to combine almonds 'after 12 noon.' But that's the way Fenton gave the recipe and that's the way he wants it. So that's the way it stays. Sorry, folks, no nuts before noon!"

Cohen's book can be obtained at the Kitchen Bazaar for $6.95 ot by writing: Kitchen Bazaar, 4455 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20008 (include $1 for postage and handling). Vol II (consisting mostly of entrees) will be coming out this fall.