For persons in the public eye, privacy may be extremely difficult to achieve. Some excerts from "The Private Me:"

Steven Rockefeller, son of the late Nelson Rockefeller:

"I felt uncomfortable when I didn't want to answer, because I thought I had an obligation to be open" (about persistent questions on his marriage to a former maid). "I finally realized there's a private sphere and a public sphere.

"If one is involved with public things, there is a certain obligation (to talk). But there are definitely private things one shouldn't have to talk about."

Rep. Jim Jeffords (R-Vt.):

"I know when I can't get some time to myself I become counterproductive. I think if you don't steal time for yourself, you'll go nuts. When I'm alone on the weekends I like to work with my hands, especially around the house -- building something, masonry, carpentry.

Author Arthur Hailey:

"Schedule work in well-defined hours, leaving periods for leisure, and be firm in not allowing the leisure time to be eroded."

Author-editor Norman Cousins:

"A life without regular periods of silence is a life without recreational nourishment for both the spirit and the functioning intelligence. Silence offers the vital element of privacy, without which the individual becomes something less than himself."