Passover: Kids love finding the hidden matzoth and adults love their children's perplexed looks as wine disappears from Elijah's cup. But freedom is what Passover is really all about. The words that traditionally symbolize the Passover story have a tugging poignance this year for Americans: Let MY PEOPLE GO.

Here are some books which help explain, as well as add fun to this family holiday. Ages 3-6

"My Family Seder." By Norma Simon. Illustrations by Harvey Weiss. (United Synagogue of America, $2.95.)

From the Kiddush (blessing over the wine) to the search for the Afikomen (hidden matzoth), the whole family participates in this festive Seder.

"Passover Activity Funbook." By Robert Garvey. Pictures by Gabe Josephson. (KTAV, $1.50.)

Why is this night different from all other nights? Cut-and-paste stamps help bring alive the answer to this traditional Passover question.

"Pesah Is Coming" and "Pesah Is Here." By Hyman and Alice Chanover. Illustrated by Leonard Kessler. (United Synagogue of America. $3.95 each.)

This two-book series colorfully describes the customary family preparations for Pesah (Passover) and the richly traditional Seder (ceremonial meal). Ages 5-8

"The Carp In The Bathtub." By Barbara Cohen. Illustrated by John Halpern. (Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, $6.95.)

Enjoy Leah and Harry's attempts to rescue a carp from being turned into gefilte fish for their Seder.

"Let's Talk About The Jewish Holidays." By Dorothy K. Kripke. Illustrated by Naama Kitov. (Jonathan David, $5.95.)

This encyclopedic book provides children of all faiths with a basic knowledge of Passover and the Seder, as well as all other Jewish holidays.

"One Little Goat: A Passover Song." By Marily Hirsh. (Holiday House, $6.95.)

A little goat is eaten by a cat that's bitten by a dog that's . . . don't worry, all ends well. This unique book demonstrates how to convert this popular Passover song into a musical play. Ages 8-12

"A Family Passover." By Anne, Jonathan and Norma Rosen. Photographs by Laurence Salzmann. (Jewish Publication Society of America, $6.95.)

Join spirited Anna as she narrates this engaging story-in-photographs of four generations reunited to celebrate Passover, their Festival of Freedom.

"The Magician." Adapted from the Yiddish of I. L. Peretz by Uri Shulevitz. (Macmillan, $7.95.)

In this award-winning tale, the prophet Elijah, disguised as a magician, cleverly conjures up a Seder to remember for a poor, but pious couple.

"Passover Fun Book." By David A. Adler. (Bonim, $1.95.)

"Which state . . . crumbles when you step on it?" Riddles, magic, puns and brain teasers make this a lively addition to Passover celebrations. (The answer: "Matzahssippi.")