It won't be long before you-know-who will be hopping down the bunny trail. But, of course, there's more to Easter than Peter Cottontail. By selecting the book(s) of your choice, you can share and emphasize with your child whichever aspect of Easter you wish. AGES 3-6 "The Easter Bunny That Overslept." By Priscilla and Otto Friedrich. Illustrated by Adrienne Adams. (Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, $7.95).

Sleepyheads will identify with this Easter Bunny who sleeps right through Easter, then cunningly tries to right his wrong at every holiday thereafter.

"Humbug Rabbit." By Lorna Balian. (Abingdon, $7.95).

After witnessing a most unusual Easter egg hunt, Father Rabbit wonders if he really is the Easter Bunny. Balian's above-and below-ground illustrations are as fresh as the Spring she depicts. AGES 5-8

"Easter." By Aileen Fisher. Illustrated by Ati Forberg. (Crowell, $6.95).

Fisher emphasizes the true significance of Easter through this simply written story of Jesus of Nazareth.

"Hattie, Tom and the Chicken Witch." By Dick Gackenbach. (Harper and Row, $5.95).

After finishing this beguiling story/play, beginning readers will readily agree that, while "rabbits and Easter go together . . . like peanut butter and jelly," chickens are important, too! AGES 8-12

"Lilies, Rabbits, and Painted Eggs: The story of the Easter Symbols." By Edna Barth. Illustrated by Ursula Arndt. (Seabury Press, $7.95).

White lilies, painted eggs, newborn chicks or even new clothes: Barth clearly explains the legends and lore behind the symbols which traditionally represent Easter.

"The Promise to Joel." By Anita Wheatcroft. Illustrated by Robert H. Cassell. (Abingdon, $5.95).

In this moving story, the joy of the Resurrection causes Joel to realize that Jesus' earlier promise of love to him was meant for everyone. ALL AGES

"The Velveteen Rabbit." By Margery Williams. Illustrations by William Nicholson. (Avon Camelot, $1.95).

This classic tale of a boy and his stuffed rabbit tenderly proves that real love is blind . . . to shabby spots, a loose tail and more!

"Anno's Italy." By Mitsumasa Anno. (Collins, $8.95).

Anno inconspicuously weaves spirtual scenes from the life of Jesus into this exquisitely illustrated armchair tour of Italy.