A rare opportunity to see some of the most important structures in the southern portion of Prince George's County will be offered Saturday April 19, when the 43rd Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage sponsors its first tour in the county in almost a decade.

Open to the public are (see map) Surratt House (1), His Lordship's Kindness (2), Woodstock (3), Mattaponi (4), St. Thomas Parish church (5), Mt. Calvert Manor (6), Trinity Episcopal Church (7), Content (8), Weston (9), Marlborough Hunt Club (10), St. Barnabas Church (11) and Drumsheugh (12). (Before the Revolution, The Rev. Jonathan Boucher, tutor to young John Parke Custis, kept two loaded pistols beneath the pulpit in St. Barnabas while, loyal Church of England churchman that he was, he defended the crown.)

The local sponsoring agency is the Forest Garden Club of Prince George's County. Proceeds will go to the memorial for Bishop Thomas John Claggett, first Episcopal bishop of the United States. The second "g" in Bishop Claggett's name is thought to honor King George III. The memorial, a bronze bas-relief by sculptor Felix de Weldon, is being erected by the (historic) Society of the Pilgrims of St. Mary's. The Society in 1976 put up the John Carroll Memorial honoring the first Roman Catholic archbishop in the United States.

Ticket information is available from Mrs. Edward C. Raffetto, 627-3877, or from the Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage office, (301) 821-6933. Booklets with maps and descriptions of open houses can be bought for $1 at the Pilgrimage Towson office, 600 West Chesapeake Ave., Baltimore 21204. Tickets also will be sold at the houses. Prices are $8 for the day, or $2 for a single house.