Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was born Aug. 16, 1913, and has his Sun in Leo. This Leo Sun conjoins Venus and Neptune on Jimmy Carter's chart, and if such an aspect occurs between opposite sexes it makes them usually fall in love with one another. Venus, the feminine principle and Sun, the masculine principle find each other very attractive, while Neptune endows them with rose-colored glasses and plunges them into a dream world.

In the charts of politicians, however, such a contact is not so good, because planet Neptune, even at its best (unafflicted and well-supported by other planets) does not represent reality. Neptune stands for glamor, fame, inspiration, idealism, creativity and artistic vision, but when afflicted gives delusions, notoriety instead of fame, and unrealistic expectations. It is a planet that rules enslavement of any kind, a planet that subtly dissolves anything it touches, paints mirages, and insidiously distorts reality.

Unfortunately, in Jimmy Carter's chart his Venus-Neptune conjunction is badly afflicted by his Mars and Moon.

It would behoove Begin not to believe everything he hears, for Neptune contact deceives by presenting pictures that are not based on reality, but on wishful imagination.

On the other hand I do not worry too much about Begin because his chart is fixed and thus he is a very obstinate man. It is very hard, if not impossible to seduce such a person, because he will entrench at the place where he is and if someone promises him roses if he would just go down the garden path, he will not go for that walk, but demand that the roses be brought to him.

Other aspects between Carter's and Begin's chart intensify Begin's entrenchment and these two men, despite their initial Sun, Venus-Neptune conjunction do not get on very well. Their Mercuries are not compatible with one another and thus their minds operate on different wave lengths. Begin's Saturn adds another affliction to Carter's already badly afflicted Mercury, which adds to aggravation instead of bringing some sober resolution.

I think that the meeting will be a total study in frustration for both parties, especially now, since Begin has a strong Saturnian aspect on his chart. Saturn is the planet of reality, of conservatism and tradition, and it prods one to revert to old ways and principles. Saturn configurations adamantly resist even renovations, least of all innovations of any kind, for any risk taking is anathema to that planet.

With such an aspect on his chart Begin's natal proclivity to solve problems by entrenchment is augmented and thus he may not only refuse to budge, but retrench even further.

In addition, the sobriety of Saturn will make him extremely realistic, and if these charts were the charts of lovers, the Sun in Leo would begin to see his love in totally different light. With Saturnian aspects come the thoughts of marriage and thus the questions of stability, reliability, faithfulness, capacity for long-range commitments, and for true partnership; questions that remove the rosy glasses, pierce through Neptunian illusion, and assess Venus on the basis of reality.

In the waning Neptunian light, the Sun in Leo may still see his Venus as having an enchanting smile and adorable, winning ways, but Saturn makes him realize that this is ephemeral, and seductive ways do not suffice. And if Saturn in his somber assessment will find other, long-range virtues lacking, then it will make the Sun in Leo walk away.

My predictions:

With this Saturn aspect on his chart, the burden of governing his country will weigh more heavily on Begin's shoulders. He should watch his health very carefully, because under such an aspect people have to work harder than ever, and thus they do not take time to watch their health. Saturn ushers the time of restrictions, frugality and self-sacrifice for the country, and time of hard and difficult decisions for its leader.

Since Saturn shores up the defenses because it fears any risk, the military budget is usually increased, and it is more guns and less butter.

In addition to that stressful Saturn aspect that will tend to make Begin even more conservative than he is, a heavy Uranus aspect is still in force. Uranus is the planet that brings sudden upheavels, violence, uprisings and revolutions, and is always disruptive.

The first passage of Uranus over Begin's chart took place in November-December of last year, and put his political life into quite a jeopardy. The same aspect is repeated during the entire month of May and thus some sudden event may make him fall or totally alter his situation, if the events come from within; if from without, he might become the staying power during that crisis.

May 26 marks the deadline for negotiations and the aspects are not good.

These are days (May 24-June 7) when the charts of Khomeini and the U.S.A. are strongly and unpleasantly aspected (with strong possibility of eruption of hostilities, even though not necessarily between these two countries) and thus negotiations might be put aside because of outside circumstances.

My advice:

Begin would be better off negotiating with President Sadat directly and alone, not because their charts are so well aligned, but because there is a genuine liking for one another. Despite their bitter differences and Begin's stubborness, two of them alone could go further for they respect and trust one another. But still I do not see in charts that they will come to any agreement, since this is put aside due to eruption of some hostilities (not against one another).