Among government career suggestions offered by Transportation Secretary Neil Goldschmidt:

Be self-confident. "I don't take advice from people who hem and haw."

Take credit. "There's a bad habit in bureaucracy that people who do something don't get credit. If you wrote it, be prepared to take the heat or the glory."

Keep sight of the goal. "Government's badly in need of people who can poke through the fog and head for the target."

Avoid fighting over authority. "I have no patience for people who fight about who's in charge. Using the public's time to fight about whose turf we're on is . . . yecch."

Management trainers Jinx Melia, Lucy Freedman and Martha Spice added the following:

Take risks. Don't be afraid to assume responsibility."It's easier to get forgiveness," says Melia, "than to get permission."

Set goals. 'If you don't set goals, and if necessary change your direction," says Spice, "you're likely to end up where you are headed, which may be nowhere."

Reach beyond what you think you can get. "If you reach 10 and only get 9," says Melia, "That's a lot better than sitting on 3."

Network up and down. Information from employes at the top and bottom of the organization can be valuable to an efficient executive.

Learn to depersonalize. "Women must stop taking negative feedback as a personal attack," says Melia, "and must learn to work with people they don't like."

Listen to your inner voices. "Pay attention to your gut feelings," says Freedman, "even those you think might be negative."

Take responsibility for what happens to you. Don't blame what happens one someone else.

Practice new strategies outside your office. Try running your condominium association, a church group or a volunteer group. "Before you get to Broadway," says Melia, "you've got to try it out of town."