What's a nice Oregon boy doing in a place like this?

Telling other out-of-towners (and locals, if they'll listen) where to "Find it, Buy it, Eat it and Save Time and Money in New York."

Gerry Frank, whose Washington and Oregon lives revolve around his job as administrative assistant to Oregon Sen. Mark Hatfield, has had, as he tells us in the introduction to his book "a love affair with New York for many years." So he has made New York his hobby, spending dozens and dozens of weekends wearing holes in several pairs of shoes.

What he has found he has put between two soft covers and what he has found is just about everything -- restaurants, food shops, department and speciality shops and services. Doesn't sound like much until you realize that the subheadings are from the best buys to the most expensive: quilt making instructions, typewriter rentals, crafts, cutlery, imports (listed by country), auctions, celebrity spotting, inexpensive movies, magic, spices, Hungarian food, popcorn, etc. and so forth. You get the picture. If you think you want to find it in New York, Gerry Frank probably already has.

"He's found the absolutely best gems in New York," says Nina Hyde, The Post's fashion editor. "He hasn't always found them for the right reasons, but his choices are good and the book is full of information."

The restaurant list may not include all of the places I would have selected, but it does not include any restaurant that would make one say: "Why would he list a place like that?"

Frank's selection of places to purchase food is even better.

The book has the kind of information many New Yorkers would not be able to supply. Most of them only know what's at the subway stop where they work and the one where they live.

If you are an inveterate New York visitor, you will have fun with Frank's book. Published by Binford & Mort, it sells for $9.95. It is available at Watergate Men's Wear, 2520 Virginia Ave., or by mail from Box 2225, Salem, Ore. 97308. Include $10.95 to cover postage and handling.