The Inter-American Music Festival, which has been all over town the past week, had its finale at the Corcoran Gallery last night. The program presented by the Contemporary Music Forum might have been called "Also-Rans of the Americas" or perhaps "Sundry Inter-American Composers in Search of an Idea."

With the possible exception of John Cage, no one on the program was exactly a household name. No one represented any new wave of musical creativity. No one had very much to say. And, sadly, no one was able to put together particularly interesting sounds.

There was "Pan" by Harry Freedman for voice, flute and piano -- kind of fun in a mild way but nothing to write home about. Equally pleasant but innocuous was a Nonette by Peixe in three Stravinskyesque movements and Rattenbach's "Serenata," the only work on the program with a feeling of direction.

But a series of noises for piano and percussion by Santoro called "Diagrammas Ciclicos," Lanza's aimless "Acufenos No. 1" and Cage's "Livingroom Music" for a quartet of table thumpers did not, thank goodness, represent anything close to hightlights in the repertoire of contemporary music of this hemisphere.

The Forum, which has performed a lot of new music recently, had all of this amazingly well under control.