In furthermost Groogen, where every day is the 15th of May, Pontoffel Pock flies a mean piano over fields of quilt and goat-topped alps. He thinks that the love of his life might be Groogel-born, but then he gets careless and crushes a fluegelhorn.

"Your life style, if you'll permit me, is strictly pee-yew," a half-pinted faerie named MacGillicutty avers. Pock had been docked from Gickler's Dill Pickle Works for pushing the pulem and pulling the pushem, malfeasance in office which left simply everyone up to their nipples in pickles.

It's all there, clear as day, in "Dr. Seuss's Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You?" at 8:30 tonight on the ABC television network (Channel 7).

In tony Cashbahmopolis, Pontoffel Pock finds the world's greatest eyeball dancer; it is love at first nearsight. But we're giving away the plot. Suffice it to say, suffice it to see for yourseff. Ted Geisel, the man behind the Seussonym, wrote and produced this cartwheel of a cartoon, and so it is truthfully Seussful, forsooth and for Seuss.

The musical score, which is anything but so-so, was capably written by Joseph Raposo (of "Seasame Street"). And the half-hour show, peanutty and free-wheeling, was executive produced by DePatie and Freleng.

Our revels now ended, Pock's back into picklery. Programs like this one invariably tickle me.