IT IS ONLY fitting on "Mother's Day" to print some of the things that a mother dreams of hearing:

"Hi, Mom, dinner's ready."

"Hey, Ma, would you like to go surfing with us this afternoon?"

"I've done the laundry, put out the trash and cut the lawn. What else do you want me to do, Mom?"

"You're a really good driver, Ma. I hope I can park a car as well when I get my license."

"All my friends say eleven o'clock is a ridiculous hour to have to be home, but I told them you wouldn't demand it unless you had a good reason."

"Mrs. Jones, I love your son, George, but I don't think he would be half the person he is if it hadn't been for the way you raised him."

"Hi, Mom, this is Sally. Your son, Eddie, just walked out of the house.

Would you like to come and live with me?"

"Mrs. Eberhardt, as your daughter's boss I am proud to say when it comes to hard work she's a chip off the old block."

"I can't believe you're Arthur's mother, not with legs like that."

"Ma, Willie is taking me to the church bazaar -- we're walking."

"Good catch, Mrs. French. You saved the game for us."

"Mom, I have a problem and you're the only one I trust to help me solve it."

"Ma, have you ever thought of doing TV commercials for Oil of Olay?"

"Mother, do Lady Macbeth for us again as you did it in college."

"Don't get up, Mom. We'll find it."

"Mother, I'm opening a consulting firm. Would you like to be my partner?"

"Ma, I know where my sneakers are."

"Hey, Mom, can you come over for dinner Thursday? We want all our friends to meet you."

"This bikini is too small for me, Ma. Maybe it will fit you."

"Well, my Mom would make a better president than either Carter or Reagan."

"As Eleanor's creative writing teacher, I can now see where she inherited her imagination and humor."

"There was this big mudslide, Mom, but I didn't go down it because I knew I would only mess up my clothes and the kitchen."

"I would hate to be Aunt Emma's child. She can't relate to kids the way you do."

"Okay, Mrs. Birhbaum. We're playing five-card stud, jacks or better to open, and it's your deal."

"I'm home Mom. You don't have to wait until the end of Johnny Carson before going to sleep."

"Here's your present, Ma. I made it myself."

"Mother, I need you."