Queen Julianne, former Queen of Netherlands, abdicated her throne in favor of her daughter Beatrix, who was born on Jan. 31, 1938, and has her sun in Aquarius. The coronation ceremony took place on April 30, 1980. It is said that in contrast to her mother, Queen Beatrix does not engender feelings of deep affection from her subjects, who think that she is cold and businesslike. Her astrological chart supports their perceptions of her.

Queen Beatrix has her sun, Moon, and two other planets in Aquarius, a position that makes her detached and impersonal because Aquarius is a detached and unemotional sign. Four planets in Aquarius accentuate this detachment even more. Moreover, her Mars in Aries, which is usually outgoing and spontaneous, is repressed on her chart by Saturn, the planet of caution and restraint. Her Mercury in Capricorn, another position signaling caution and pragmatic thinking, in configurations with other planets, gives her depth and perception, but turned inward, thus making her more into an introvert than extrovert.

It was easy for her mother, former queen Julianne, to win affection of her people with her sun in Taurus, conjoined by Venus in the same sign. Strongly Taurian people give these sense of warmth and security exuding the feelings of hearth and home, and engendering feelings of love, without even trying.

It will be much harder for Queen Beatrix, with her Aquarian planets, to be perceived by her subjects in the same manner, and yet, because of the strong Aquarian influence on her chart, she may view much more sympathetically the changes that occur in this world and cope with them more successfully than her mother would. The chart indicates that she is a very stubborn person (five fixed planets), and once she took a stand, she would be hard to budge. If she were ever to yield, it would be to kindness -- never under threat.

She is very idealistic despite her very matter-of-fact manner, even though her idealism might be toned down sometimes by her pragmatism. There is a rebellious streak in her against the status quo, and thus she will be innovative and progressive and may effect some deep changes during her reign. She has strong appreciation for esthetics and drama despite her apparent coolness.

Some configurations on her chart indicate that she hates hyprocrisy, and while she must accept the protocol she also rebels against it. This might be the most difficult conflict within her as she reigns; if she were a private citizen she would have been more spontaneous, despite the structure of the Saturn on her chart.

Her reign will be probably known as the reign of a "thinking and activist queen." She valves intelligence in people above anything else, and she will probably surround herself with thinkers.

But even though her chart is not a chart of a very demonstrative person, and what chances there were for spontaneity are held in check by her position, she is a very nice person, steady, reliable and very intelligent, and to the ones that she knows well, she is warm in her own, very private way.

My predictions:

The timing of this coronation seems to be a direct result of some decisions taken, or events that occurred, about two years ago (end of 77-78). There are no major aspects on the chart until the end of this year and 1981 where there might be an upheaval of some sort, either of political or personal nature. Her husband's chart is affected at the same time. But since the charts of most world leaders are also afflicted around that time (period from Christmas 1980 thru April 1981), this might simply indicate another international crisis of some kind, rather than a domestic situation.

On the domestic front she should be on guard against "hidden enemies" and plots of any kind, and any groups that want to unravel the foundations of her country. There might be some upset or unrest in that area in June 1980, more specifically around the end of June.

Her natal chart, afflicted by Uranus, indicates a strong possibility that during her reign, her countrymen may choose another form of government, and yet I do not see her being overthrown; therefore I must assume that some compromise might be worked out in such form that she may be able to accommodate, or even maybe welcome.

My advice:

None. If she were a private citizen I would suggest she try to become more spontaneous and let her Mars in Aries do its own thing, its own way. But since she is a queen, spontaneity is never a part of protocol, and I have no advice.