This magic number that opens the sesame door to 998 and Ronald Reagan needs only 48 more delegates to attain it. It is fair to assume that the forth-coming caucuses and primaries of next Monday and Tuesday will yield the remaining 48 delegates, thus assuring Ronald Reagan of the Republican Party nomination for the presidency of the United States. After this Tuesday the emphasis will switch and the speculation will center on his choice of a vice-presidential candidate.

Several men are being mentioned already and the following are supposedly under serious consideration: George Bush, Sens. Howard baker of Tennessee and Richard lugar of Indiana, and Reps. Jack Kemp of New York and Rep. Guy Vander Jagt of Michigan. It might be interesting to compare the charts of these vice presidential hopefuls with the chart of Ronald Reagan and see whether one can correctly anticipate his decision on the basis of astrological data.

Astrologically, when people enter into any kind of relationship or partnership, be it personal, business or political, their charts will be linked by the planetary postions. The stronger the linkage however, does not necesarily imply that these people will like one another, or get along. But any relationship between persons whose charts are not linked at all will be of a very brief duration.

One can assume the person Ronald Reagan will chose will have a chart strongly linked to Reagan's chart.

When one does the chart comparison one does not only examine links, but also the compatibility of charts, and of their personalities, thinking energy patterns and the manner in which these people approach and solve the problems. In fact, one looks for differences of ideas or approach, providing that those differences would lead to healthy exchanges and thus to mutual enlightenment, rather than to self-serving monologues and estrangements. mIt is important to assess whether people will like one another despite their differences.

It is also important to check, especially when people enter any kind of business or political partnership, whether the chart of the other person is on the upswing or going down. A person who has a chart that is going up should never hook up with a person whose chart is going down, for if the winner gets tied up with the loser, the loser will always pull him down.

Mr. Reagan has his sun in Aquarius, but the rest of his chart is not supportive of this sign. In fact, the rest of his chart indicates a very nice balance between the earth and water elements, thus endowing Ronald Reagan with a strong, pragmatic and practical nature, softened by intuition and deeply felt emotions. It is a chart of a nice man who does not have any tendencies to go off on tangents, or to extremes.

Reagan's comments throughout this primary season of being "cautiously optimistic" epitomize his truly Capricornian traits. The chart of Ronald Reagan totally repudiates the commonly held notion that he is "Mr. Right, and right of the right." It indicateds that while he is a conservative (Taurus and Capricorn are always conservative, they tend to preserve rather than explore) he is too pragmatic and practical to be an extremist, and will try to stay in the middle. Therefore, in order to be compatible with his vice president, he should choose a man whose chart would have some planets in earth and water plus some fire or air. In addition, since Taurus and Scorpio planets are strong in Reagan's chart, the chart of his vice president should have at least one Scorpio or Taurus planet.

So let us make the first comparison with the chart of George Bush, whose sun is in Gemini, George Bush has four more planets in the air, and air does not mix very well with water and earth, and they do not understand one another. n

George Bush has Mercury in Taurus, which is quite compatible with Mercury in Capricorn, but unfortunately, this Mercury in Taurus is on a degree that does not form any links to Ronald Reagan's chart. In fact, none of Bush's planets form any links to Reagan's chart. This , plus the incompatibility of air versus earth-water elements indicates that these two men feel quite indifferent toward one another, they are also quite different in their makeup and in their personalities. pragmatic charts do not blend well with abstract ones.

The few weak links that exist are made by current planetary positions and so are of a passing nature. And thus George Bush's chances of becoming the vice-presidential choice of Mr. Reagan are very slim, I would say nonexistent.

Curiously, George Bush's chart is much more closely aligned with the chart of congressman John Anderson, showing very strong linkage between the two, and these two men do evoke very strong feelings in one another. His chances of being vice-presidential choice would have been much better on Mr Anderson's ticket than on Ronald Reagon's.

The next column will continue the comparison of the charts of the other vice presidential possibilities.