After last Tuesday's primaries Ronald Reagan seems to have enough delegates for a first ballot presidential nomination at the Republican convention. This convention opens July 14 in Detroit and it has been reported that the names of former president Gerald Ford and John Connally are on the list of people currently being considered for the second spot on the ticket. In fact, a questionnaire listing the names of Ford, George Bush, Sen. Howard Baker and Connally has been sent out to prominent Republicans, Democrats and Independents, soliciting their comments.

Even though it seems implausible the former president would accept an offer of the vice presidency, nevertheless, astrologically, the ties between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford charts are extremely strong and all worth evaluation. r

In contrast, George Bush's chart indicates a total absence of any natal links, and only very few current ones with Reagan's chart. Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan are tied up with six very strong planetary links, one of them karmic. At the same time, the nature of those links exemplifies the fact that very strong connections between the charts do not necessarily presage a comfortable relationship.

It is interesting to note that Gerald Ford's Mercury (the planet of mind) positioned on 16 degrees of Leo, opposes exactly Reagan's sun on 16 degrees of Aquarius, while Reagan's Mercury on 21 degress of Capricorn opposes exactly Ford's sun on 21 degrees of Cancer. This mutual Mercury-Sun opposition implies the existence of an adversary situation, where both parties intellectually (Mercury) oppose the aspirations (Sun) of the other. Since Leo-Aquarius opposition is more adamant than Cancer-Capricorn opposition, one can say that Ford's opposition to Reagan's aspiration would be more adamant than Reagan's opposition to Ford's aspirations.

In fact, all of their links, except the karmic link are of an adversary nature, but these adversary positions are not tinged with a great deal of animosity. Cancer-Capricorn oppositions complement each other to a large degree, because these two signs have many traits in common and thus provide for basic understanding.

In addition, Reagan's Jupiter falls on Ford's chart in such a beneficient way that Reagan never would become Ford's enemy. In fact, he would try to protect him.

The real troublemaker in this relationship is Reagan's Saturn (the planet of restrictions). It falls on Ford's chart in a way that makes Ford feel quite uncomfortable and self-conscious when in the presence of Reagan. Such a Saturn position makes the other party feel ill at ease; makes him suddenly aware of his shortcomings (real or imaginary); he feels scrutinized and is found wanting. Such reaction occurs quite automatically, often quite irrationally because the other person may think a world of him, but despite all reassurances, he feels he has to watch all his P's and Q's, a feeling that makes him self-conscious and uncomfortable.

But despite this difficult Saturnian aspect and despite their adversary positions, these two men could work together, providing that both could maintain the autonomy of their endeavors. They both are quite stubborn but their stubbornness is of similar nature, and thus their partnership could be constructive. With the strong aspects currently present on Gerald Ford's chart and because of the strong linkage with Reagan's chart, if Gerald Ford would want this vice-presidential spot, I think he could have it.

One solitary link connects Connally's chart with Reagan's. It is his Mercury conjoining Reagan's Sun in Aquarius, meaning Connally would support Reagan's aspirations. But, paradoxically, this Mercury would engage the remaining Aquarian planets on Connally's chart and create a problem for Reagan, who would begin to feel he is being helped too much. Connally's chart indicates an extremely energetic and somewhat domineering man, and the rather placid Capricornian-Taurian cast of Reagan's chart does not especially like that much energy and enthusiasm. Several hours spent in the company of Connally might be simply too much for Reagan. It might be nice to be energized from time to time, but all the time? This aspect has nothing to do with their ages. Connally could be 20 years older than Reagan and the effect would be identical.

At the same time, with a strong Uranian aspect on Connally's chart that brings forth the unexpected, I cannot dismiss the possibility of some kind of prominence, but since the majority of aspects on his chart are waning, I do not think it will be the vice presidency, unless there are sudden changes.

The chart of Rep. Jack Kemp conjoins Reagan's Mercury with a single karmic link. Their charts have no other connections, even temporary ones (as George Bush, for example). Also, since Kemp's chart is presently quite inactive, no imminent major changes in his life are indicated. I do not believe that he is under very serious consideration. His link to Reagan's Mercury may simply indicate his influence on Reagan's thinking (Kemp-Roth bill).

In assessing the relative strength of Ford, Bush, Connally, and Kemp, the chart of Ford is in the forefront, not only because of the number of links to Ronald Reagan, but also because his chart is currently very active. Jack Kemp's chart, because of its single link, and its own inactivity, takes him out of running, and so does the chart of Connally's except for that "one-in-a-million" outside chance of Uranian aspect. Bush, because his chart is totally unconnected and thus is neutral except for passing links, remains in the field only if it will be a purely political decision, and not a personal one on the part of Reagan.

Next week, Sens. Baker and Lugar, and Rep. Van der Jagt.