From some well-known lefties:

University of Maryland basketball coach Charles (Lefty) Driesell, like most lefties, is "mix-handed": He does some things (plays golf, hits a baseball) right-handed and others (throws, writes) left-handed.

Being a southpaw is "no big deal," but "it probably is an advantage as an athlete because people are not used to guarding left-handed people."

Arena Stage actor Richard Bauer: "I'm surprised at how many actors are left-handed. At a first reading of 20 or so people, it's not uncommon to have five who are left-handed."

Because his three right-handed brothers were athletic, Bauer "never really knew which way to stand when I got to home plate" and leaned more to dramatics.

His leftie pet peeve: "Waiters and waitresses who put objects on the right side of my plate when they see I'm using my left hand. Some have even moved (cups) from the left, where I'm using them, to the right."

Statesman, inventor, journalist (and lefty) Benjamin Franklin, in a letter written on behalf of his left hand:

"From my infancy I have been led to consider my sister (his right hand) as being of a more educated rank. I was suffered to grow up without the least instruction, which nothing was spared in her education.

"She had masters to teach her writing, drawing, music and other accomplishments, but if by chance I touched a pencil, a pen or a needle, I was bitterly rebuked, and more than once beaten for being awkward and wanting a graceful manner. " The Left Hand "