It isn't always easy to tell the Dance Transfer Company from the Hoffman Dance Consort. Both groups have some performers in common, and both have featured choregraphy by their wunderkind dancer, Addison Hoffman. On their joint program at the Publick Playhouse in Hyattsville, only their backers could tell them apart. What the audience saw on Thursday and last night was a more lively presentation than either has managed in the past.

Two older works seem to have been tightened. In "Tinabulations," Nancy Galeota's modern dance version of the "white" ballet with a dash of Oriental spice, the dynamics of move/stretch/move were alluring throughout.Impulses that began in isolated body parts and led to freely swinging or flowing motions made Sharon Ann Wyrrick's "Phases and Changes" a terse study in transitions. Wyrrick sometimes rolled her dancers like dice.

In his new "Deluge," Hoffman contrasted people and dancers. The folks ran, clapped, walked, or stamped. The pros seemed in a trance as they practiced off-classroom exercises. Hoffman, in shorts, pole vaulted along a series of benches as if they were the stages of his life. Surrealistically, perhapsthey were. The least obscure vignette was a cool seduction scene in which Hoffman never touched his glamourous lady. Sitting in a shephard's pose, he opened his legs just a fraction wider when caressed by the lady's eyes.

Kathryn Posin's jig and snap laugh at modern dance baroque, performed to synthesizer Bach sounds, was a local premiere. The program will be repeated tonight.