Sen. Howard Baker, one of the vice presidential hopefuls, was born Nov. 15, 1925, and has his sun in Scorpio.

The conservative wing of the Republican Party does not wish to annoint him because he was voted "Aye" on the Panama Canal treaty and committed a few other unpardonable "sins." Other Republicans, however, can unite behind him for they support his "sinful ways," having been such "sinners" themselves.

Many of them, along with a number of Democrats and Independents, look to Congressman John Anderson to help them escape an uncomfortable Reagan vs. Carter dilemma. A Reagan-Baker ticket would offer that escape. r

Astrologically, the chart of Howard Baker totally supports a Reagan-Baker combination for his has been and still is "the hottest chart" in town.

I said this in my column on Sen. Baker on Nov. 11, 1979, and repeated it after he withdrew from the race. After all, people have the freedom to say "no" to opportunity, but the aspects on the chart still remain in force and these aspects on Baker's chart are strong, gaining in power as the year comes to a close. In fact, his is the only chart among the charts of other vice presidential candidates that is stronger and thus can beat the power that is packed in John Anderson's chart at the end of this year.

To an astrologer, the most confusing aspect of this election year is the fact that the strongest and "hottest" charts are of people who are on the sidelines (Anderson, Baker) with their charts gaining in strength with the passage of time, while the charts of frontrunners are weakly aspected and losing their strength. Ronald Reagan's chart does not pack a strong punch, while the charts of Jimmy Carter and his entourage (Hamilton Jordon, Jody Powell) are quite "dead" after October and remain inactive for a few years. This implies that, if re-elected, Carter will be a totally ineffective president or that he has been retired from political life and contemplates his past presidency among the peanuts in Georgia.

I said in my column on Anderson on Dec. 16, 1979, that "I do not see you nominated and yet I cannot take you out of the spotlight . . . at the end of 1980 or in 1981. You play a very strong role in the nominating process or in the campaign. I see you as runner-up." Anderson's chart looms very large at the end of this year and he will be a power for his apsects are stronger than any of the front runners. Unless Reagan picks someone with a chart that is stronger and better aspected than Anderson's, and only Sen. Baker has such a chart, then it will be Congressman Anderson who will be "The Man of the Year" at the end of this year.

My astrological advice to Ronald Reagan would be to pick Howard Baker for his running mate simply because Baker has a winning chart right now and Reagan needs to shore up the weak aspects of his. No other vice presidential hopeful (and that includes Gov. Thomson of Illinois, Clements of Texas, Laxlall or Sen. Helms) has currently such a power-packed chart as Baker has with all the aspects applying.

In addition, it would be easy for Reagan to choose Baker on an emotional level. The chart of Sen. Baker balances the chart of Reagan very well. There are a number of strong natal links, and they are congenial. Baker's Saturn-Moon conjunction in Scorpio balances well Reagan's Saturn-Moon conjunction in Taurus, and Baker's beefics in Capricorn (Venus and Jupiter) enhance the pragmatism and caution in Reagan's chart without stifling him. In addition, the charts of Sen. Baker and of his wife are amicable to the chart of Nancy Reagan. Even the charts of Baker's staff mesh well with the charts of Reagan and his wife.

Reagan and Baker, because of their respective Taurus-Capricorn and Scorpio-Capricorn emphasis, could work well together and accommodate each other. Despite some of their political differences, neither man would need to abandon his principles, for both Taurus and Scorpio people understand, appreciate and respect each other's stubborness and territorial prerogatives. They really admire someone much more who stands by his principles, even if they are slightly different, than someone who caves in and simply echoes the other's values.

These two men like one another. Baker's chart indicates that he is less open than Reagan and harder to know, but once he gives his loyalty it is for life. If Ronald Reagan wants to win, Howard Baker's chart is made to order, for his is the only chart that defuses the strength of Anderson's chart by the end of this year.

The chart of Sen. Lugar from Indiana has only one natal link to Reagan's chart and very weak and passing ties. It is a strong and good chart, indicating an energetic and aggressive man who is a doer and has pioneering spirit. But his chart is quite inactive at present and does not become very active until 1982. Thus I have to take him out of the running, for nothing on the chart indicates that he is coming to the spotlight at present.