Ronald Reagan's list of potential running mates is long and supposedly includes the names of: Gov. Jim Thompson of Illinois, a Taurus born on May 8, 1936; Gov. William Clements of Texas, an Aries born on April 13, 1917; Sen. Paul Laxalt of Nevada, a Leo born on Aug. 2, 1922; Sen. jesse Helms of North Carolina, a Libra born Oct. 18, 1922; and Rep. Guy Vander Jagt from Michigan, a Virgo born Aug. 26, 1931.

Among those five, the chart of Rep. Vander Jagt leaps to the fore because of its numerous karmic links with Reagan and because of its current heavy aspects. His chart indicates a dynamic, ambitious and power-oriented man who will "leave no stone unturned" in order to achieve his goals (reminescent of Lyndon Johnson). Since a majority of his planets are in cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries) he solves problems by action, and because of their neutral configurations the bigger the challenge, the more he thrives on it.

On the positive side, his Mercury in Virgo, dynamically linked to Saturn and Uranus, makes him a good thinker and probably an excellent speaker, but on its negative side, it gives him tendency to worry too much about detail. This Mercury, in configuration with his other Virgo planets, makes him run on nervous energy and creates tension because there is a certain boldness of approach on this chart that has no patience, whatsoever, with his Mercury's painstaking approach.

His chart is presently indicating a finale to its three-year cycle and a major change that began in 1977, punctuated by another in 1979, is about to come to some climactic end considerably altering his professional life. Because of those aspects and because his chart is so strongly karmically linked with Ronald Reagan's chart (his Moon in 16 degrees of Aquarius exactly conjoining Reagan's Sun, for one) I cannot dismiss the possibility of vice presidency or of some position of influence where their political lives are meshed. His chart is not as strongly aspected as Sen. Howard Baker's, however, but it comes very close.

My astrological advice to him is to be less painstaking, to learn how to better delegate responsibilities and to be less critical of himself and of others.

The chart of Gov. Jim Thompson of Illinois is tied to Reagan's with a single link, but the current aspects on it are rather strong, indicating a considerable change in his life. This change, however, is slanted more toward the end of this year and through 1981, and it seems to occur more in his personal life than in his political one.

Sen. Helms of North Carolina also has only one natal link to Reagan's chart, and since his aspects are not very strong at the present I do not think he will be the choice.

The Leo planets in Sen. Laxalt's chart are dynamically linked to Reagan's Aquarian Sun. In addition, since his chart is strongly aspected at the present and these aspects gain in strength through 1980 and 1981, a cabinet post might be in the offing.

His chart indicates an outgoing and charming man endowed with intuition. With three planets in Leo, and his Sun in Leo ruling the entire chart, he is stubborn, demanding and autocratic, but his planets in Libra and Sagittarius soften this influence so his demands are not only reasonable, but are made in a charming manner. He is intelligent, quick and perceptive and hardly ever makes an error in judgment. His chart indicates changes in his life in 1981.

The chart of Gov. Clements of Texas is tied up to Reagan's with a single link, and even though the aspects on it indicate some sudden prominence, or limelight of some kind, I do not believe this is the limelight of the vice presidency. The timing is wrong. It seems to occur around September or October of this year. Since his chart becomes much more active in 1981 and 1982, it could be a cabinet post of some kind.

In summation, there are four charts that lead the pack. They are: Howard Baker's, Gerald Ford's, Rep. Vander Jagt's and Sen. Laxalt's, in that order of their relative strengths. Personality-wise, the charts of Baker and Laxalt are more "sympatico" with Reagan's chart than those of Ford or Vander Jagt.

If I were to advise Ronald Reagan, and the names mentioned here and in the past three columns were the only ones under consideration, I would, without hesitation say "pick Baker for personal, political and astrological reasons." But if there are other names under serious consideration, then I would say "pick the man with the chart as strong and as well aspected as Baker's and a chart that has a Mars in Scorpio.

Rep. John Anderson has his Mars in Scorpio, very strongly configurated, and is gaining in strength with the passage of time. Only another Mars in Scorpio ever copes with it and holds it in check because it is the only one that understands its unyielding strength and its relentless regenerative power.

I will say even further that if such a chart is not picked the election will wind up in the House of Representatives because Anderson's Mar's in Scorpio, plus his Aquarian planets, will not yield in the electoral college. And if Sen. Baker is not picked as the running mate, he still will be "promoted" in some way, for his chart is "sky high" and such a chart cannot be denied its course upward.