Fathers are parents too. But perhaps Dads don't always get their due as parents. The following books (available at area book stores and libraries) cover a range of roles and emotions that Dads and their kids experience. Ages 3-6

"The Sick Day." By Patricia MacLachlan. Pictures by William Pene du Bois. (Pantheon, $6.95.)

Being sick is no fun . . . unless, like lucky Emily, your Daddy stays home to talk to your tummy, search for Moosie, tell stories, fix ponytails and more. Dads are great medicine!

"First Pink Light." By Eloise Greenfield. Illustrated by Moneta Barnett. (Crowell, $6.95.)

Snuggled in the big chair, Tyree tries to wait up for his father's return from a month-long trip. At the first pink light of day, Daddy's strong and loving arms carry sleeping Tyree back to bed.

"Close Your eyes." By Jean Marzollo. Pictures by Susan Jeffers. (Dial, $7.95.)

Cleverly hidden within the fanciful and dreamy illustrations of this bedtime poem/lullaby are a father's comic efforts to ready his young child for bed.

"Just Me And My Dad." By Mercer Mayer. (Golden Press, 95 cents.)

Pitching the tent, fishing, telling ghost stories and sleeping outside make camping fun, even for comical creatures. But the furry son in this wonderfully illustrated tale proves that the best part of all is sharing it with his Dad. Ages 5-8

"My Father's Dragon." By Ruth S. Gannett. Illustrated by Ruth C. Gannett. (Random House, $4.99. Also Dell, $1.25, paperback.)

In this delightful, tall tale, the narrator's father as a young boy sets off on a mission to Wild Island to free a flying dragon. Some talking animals are using the dragon as a transport vehicle and . . . well . . . minds as well as dragons soar.

"My Daddy's Mustache." By Naomi Panush Salus. Pictures by Tomie de Paola. (Doubleday. $5.95.)

Good stories never get boring. Or is the attraction the lap they're told in? Share a loving moment with this young boy as he cuddles in his dad's lap to hear the ever-fascinating story of why he never shaves off his mustache. l

"A Mouse Called Junction." By Julia Cunningham. Illustrated by Michael Hague. (Pantheon, $7.95.)

Bored with his luxurious life, this poor little rich mouse goes searching for excitement. He finds, however, that it was not really adventure that he needed, but a Daddy.

"My Daddy Is A Monster . . . Sometimes." By John Steptoe. (Lippincott, $8.95.)

How do aggravated parents look through kid's eyes? Here's a realistic, yet affectionate, account of how a Daddy is temporarily turned into a "monster" by such kid-foolery as latenight requests for one last glass of water and unruliness at restaurants. Ages 8-12

"Danny The Champion of the World." By Roald Dahl. Pictures by Jill Bennett.(Bantam, $1.95.)

The adventures of daring Danny and his Dad offer the young reader a memorable story and a touching account of a father/son relationship full of mutual understanding, respect and love.

"Ramona And Her Father." By Beverly Cleary. Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen. (Morrow, $6.95.)

Ramona's determined, uncanny and often comical efforts to help her recently unemployed father through this family crisis are poignantly portrayed by Cleary at her best. All Ages

"A Book of Hugs." By Dave Ross. (Crowell, $5.95.)

A Daddy's hug is "best when he first walks in the door." This compilation of embraces ranges from "Fraidycat hugs" to "hurt hugs."