Q: I've been collecting Avon bottles for 10 years. Are you aware of any publications listing the values of such bottles? Also, where or how would I go about selling them?

A: Send for a copy of Bud Hastin's Avon Bottle Encyclopedia, by Bud and Vicki Hastin. Its 472 pages picture and price more than 9,600 Avon bottles. It's available for $15.95 plus 75 cents postage from Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1912 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50309. Write to Bud Hastin's National Avon Club, P.O. Box 9686, Kansas City, Missouri 64134 about selling your bottles. Enclose an addressed, stamped envelope.

Q: Could you please tell me where I can get the old-fashioned stove polish you mentioned a while back?

A: The product, called "Rich Black Finish Stove Polish," comes in two versions, and the one I recommend is an 8-ounce black plastic bottle with a yellow label that says non-flammable, water-based, biodegradable. It's available for $1.59 at participating True Value hardware stores. The other version, packaged in a seven-ounce metal container, is not water-based and is flammable. The water-based polish can produce any degree of black depending on the amount of water added, and washes off one's hands with soap and water. It's made by the Triple-X Chemical Co., Lake Bluff, Illinois, whose president, F. William Spiegel, invented it. The polish is safe to use, and does not peel, flake or give old iron an artificial look.

q: We have several types of old planes and other tools that belonged to my husband's great-grandfather. Who would be interested in buying them?

A: Write to Terry and Angela Brinton at the Frightened Hare Antiques, 3436 Highway 38, Franksville, Wisconsin 53126. Enclose a photo or description of the tools and an addressed, stamped envelope for a reply or offer. This shop deals in old tools of all types.