News Item: Frank Sinatra has agreed to act as a commercial spokesman for Chrysler Corp. for $1 a year. Sinatra said he was impressed with Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca's "personal crusade to save American jobs." Details remain to be worked out, but Iacocca said Sinatra would get, "a dollar a year plus a good financial return if we make it work."

There has been no comment on what form the Sinatra campaign will take, but we imagine it should go something like this. Maestro, if you please, a little mood music: Type of Car Luxury businessman's sedan. Options Bar stools/TV/ice machine/maid service/untappable phone/telex/hotline to Swiss banks. Background Shot Mullholland Drive overlooking Hollywood Hills at twilight. A chauffeur opens door and the chairman of the board comes out, dressed in a chalk-striped, three-piece Bontany 500 suit. Ad Copy "Down there, that's L.A. I own it. I own Rio too. I own most of Cairo, half of London and I'm working on Jerusalem. Last week I sold Rome. I sold it because I'm sick and tired of people writing that I have mob connections. I'm an ordinary family man who got lucky and made a pile. I am who I am, and I do what I do. No apologies. That's why I own this car. This is the best car money can buy, no matter where the money comes from. Look, there were times when I had doubt, but I ate it up and spit it out. The record shows, I took the blows and did it my way. Buy this car. I'm only gonna say it once." Type of Car Sports car. Low slung. Decked out. Options Quadrophonic sound/champagne glasses/mink-covered reclining seats/steam heat/horn that plays "My Funny Valentine." Background Shot 59th Street Bridge at 3 a.m. with Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow leaning on the hood as Old Blue Eyes, cigarette in one hand and half empty bottle of scotch in the other, comes out in tuxedo, tie loosened. Ad Copy "Ring a ding ding. Nobody knows Manhattan like I do, and no car gets me where I'm going like this baby. Yeah, this is the car for guys who know what dolls want. I can swing you to the East Side for dinner, the West Side for drinks and midtown to meet that special stranger in the night. Doo-be, doo-be, doo. Maybe you've seen it parked outside Jilly's, my favorite saloon. This is the car I drive when I'm going all the way. Night and day, it's the one. Hey, would Old Blue Eyes steer you wrong?" Type of Car Family station wagon. Options Luggage rack large enough to carry a big band's equipment/rear window equipped with movie screen/putting green. Background Shot Las Vegas strip at noon. Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Shirley MacLaine are sitting in the car as Francis Albert, wearing golf outfit, comes in carrying a putter. Joey Bishop is his caddy. Ad Copy "It was a very good year when they made this baby. Ain't that right, Rat Pack? Loads of room for all the clan to ride in style and comfort. When you fold down the rear seat a guy like Dean can sleep one off, and the trunk's big enough for Sammy to store his jewelry. This is the kind of wagon a lady likes to ride in. Ain't that right, Shirl? Take it from me, Francis Albert, that lady is no tramp. So don't fall for the tender trap and buy someone else's car. This one's got your name on it. Excuse me. We're on our way to pick up Spiro. Ain't that a kick in the head?" Type of Car Economical sub-compact. Options FM radio/solar energy panels/special compartments for jogging shoes and roller disco skates. Background Shot Standard shopping mall. Bobbysoxers and punk-rockers, dressed in '40s chic, stand around car and squeal as Frankie Baby, in sailor's suit from "Anchors Away," comes out holding bottle of Perrier in one hand and bottle of Vitalis in the other. Ad Copy "My kind of wheels, this baby is, my kind of wheels. When I was a kid in Hoboken, I'd have shaved my head and hocked my bow tie for a set wheels like this.Room for all of me, and room for unexpected passengers too. [Camera cuts to horse's head.] Frankie Baby's making you an offer you can't refuse. So don't do something stupid. Go down to your nearest Chrysler-Plymouth dealer and see my pal, Joey. A car like this can take you from here to enternity."