Among what models consider their best buys for summer:

Lynn Cummings: Chloe's cotton V-neck sweater at Saks, marked down from $360 to $90. (She paid $60, with her discount.) "I love it. I wear it with jeans or with something else for parties."

Jennifer O'Donnell: Fuschia sweatshirt and pants from the Gap, $20. "I just live in it."

Carolyn Kornemann: White silk suit by Rafael from Garfinckel's, $200 on slae. "I know white isn't practical, but I can wear so many different things with it, I get a lot of wear out of it. Besides, it is so beautiful and makes me feel so good I couldn't resist."

Michelle Silas: Low-heeled chachas from Hecht's, $34. "They are comfortable, and yet I feel stylish in them. What more can you ask?"

Tricia Cunningham: Unlined khaki blazer ($75) from Bis at Bloomingdale's, and black linen-like blazer ($65) by Elliot Lauren at Saks. "They are like other Calvin Klein jackets, but at a far lower price."

Cathy Dorsey: Jumpsuit (for a "special price-cut") by Washington designer Edward Burke. "I know it is one of a kind, pure designer, and superb craftsmanship. And when I wear it, I'm the only one looking so gorgeous."

Mary Heron: Lavender quilted jacket ($112) and sweater ($32) from Saks and matching Anne Klein shoes ($68) from discounter Shoe Stop. "The jacket looks like the most expensive designer's, and it works for daytime or evening. The lavender shoes go with everything, even navy."