Hamilton Jordan was born Sept. 21, 1944, and has his Sun in Virgo. Jimmy Carter, with great reluctance ("Parting is such sweet sorrow"), recently shifted him to the campaign committee where Jordan formally took command of the reelection strategy. This move immediately posed questions about the future of the Robert Strauss command position, and also who will be temporary White House Chief of Staff.

The answers came quickly. The Jordan's post was filled by Jack Watson, a Scorpio born Oct. 24, 1938, who said he plans to be his own man and now that Jordan is busy with election strategy, Jordan surely will play a lesser role in White House decisions.

Jordan and Strauss both proclaimed that their command posts are separate and they can work very well together, with Jordan in the background and Strauss out front.

When one looks at the charts of Jordan, Strauss and Watson one can only wonder whether these men really believe what they were saying.

The only statement that coincides with the chart is the Hamilton Jordan assertion that he will stay in the background. He prefers this modus operandi and rightly so, because while up in front the numerous flaws in his chart would be too visible and subject to careful secrutiny.

His chart is the best example of a chart that starts with a bang (planets forming sextiles and trines, aspects that are considered benefic and productive) and ends with a whimper (all of his planets are badly afflicted and the afflictions, by being much more powerful, negate the good aspects.) In addition, his chart sports a square from Mars to Saturn which always indicates considerable hostility and anger. It is made worse in his chart by the position of his Mars in Libra and Saturn in Cancer -- two signs in which these planets are debilitated, therefore operating underground rather than openly and above board. Since all of his planets are directly involved with that square, and are also being strongly activated as the year progresses, we can expect very mean and nasty campaign tactics emanating from Carter's election committee.

Jordan's chart is the chart of a master puppeteer who likes to pull the strings from behind the scenes and manipulate people's weaknesses and vulnerabilities to his own benefits. But while is has been easy to pull the strings in the White House and have Carter dance to his tune, any attempt to do the same with Strauss will backfire, and backfire badly.

Strauss for all of his amiability and charm is totally his own man and will never dance to anyone's tune. He is also quite invulnerable because he is extremely intelligent, detached and impersonal in his thinkking. This is in total contrast to Jordan's chart which evolves around itself. Jordan's chart indicates a person who could parallel "What's good for General Motors is good for the country" and say that what is good for Hamilton Jordan is good for the country, and all and any systems that can bring this about are "go."

It will be interesting to see what Strauss will do once the conflict between these two men arises, and it will arise because Strauss' vision of the outside world goes far beyond his own belly button. If he wants, he can outmaneuver Jordan easily, for Strauss' Mercury (planet of mind) is superb. But even there he still could not break the influence that Jordan's chart has vis-a-vis Carter's chart. Jordan knows it, and any good astrologer knows it, but Strauss is neither Jordan nor an astrologer.

I have said before the three J's (Jimmy, Jody and Jordan) sport identical afflictions to their planet Mercury. All three have their Mercury in Virgo, badly afflicted by Uranus and Jupiter and without any resolution. These three J's are like a Siamese triplet joined by one head, but unfortunately three afflicted Mercuries do not combine to make for one wholesome Mercury, they just multiply the affliction three times.

These men, therefore, think the same, operate in identical fashion and love to hear each other talk, for none of them perceive afflictions in the other.

Now enter Watson, Guess what? Identical afflictions again; Mercury opposite Uranus and square Jupiter. But his chart has a saving grace. His Mercury is in Scorpio, which gives depth and an intuitive perception that makes him hear the grass grow. The rest of his chart is good.

While Watson is still overly optimistic and too willing to gamble on anything (Mercury square to Jupiter), he has a much better grip on reality. In addition, his chart indicates an idealism that transcends his own desire for self-propulsion, thus he probably knows already that he can never carve for himself a piece of turf from the hallowed ground on which Jordan treads, and the Siamese triplet's inner sanctum is shut to anyone whose vision dares go beyond their own political survival.

Jack Watson's Sun and Moon and Mercury in Scorpio, while still optimistically hopeful, made him assess the situation well when he said "the escape and survival evasion school" he attended has been the best training for his current temporary job. To that I can only say "Amen" as long as he works for three J's.

My predictions:

All three charts are under great stress. Jordan's chart is in an angry tizzy around July and gets progressively worse ending the cycle in some climactic fashion by the end of December.

Strauss fares slightly better (because the chart is so much better), but some sudden events also occur before the year is out. Jack Watson will be examining many options from October through December. Different employment? eHamilton Jordan should watch for ulcers. His kind of chart does not take well to frustrations and it looks "hopping mad" at the end of this year. I wonder why.

As a postscript: President Carter couldn't have chosen a worse time to go abroad because general aspects for the last two weeks of June are terrible for him and he should be careful of his physical and mental health.