Several years ago, a man came into Fiona's Restaurant at 1739 F St. NW and asked to borrow cab fare to Capitol Hill. He had left his wallet at home.

Martina Narayanan, who together with her husband owned and managed Fiona's (Fiona is their daughter), gave the man $2. He thanked her and said he'd repay her the next day.

The next day came and went. In fact, Fiona's Restaurant came and went because the building in which it operated was torn down. The man never came back.

In due course, a new Fiona's Restaurant opened at 1800 G St. NW. And one day last week, who should walk in but the same fellow (white man, age about 50) who forgot to repay the $2 at the old restaurant.

By a curious coincidence, he had again forgotten his wallet at home and again needed $2 to get to Capital Hill right away. Martina didn't tell him that she recognized both him and his story. She's too kindhearted to hurt anybody's feelings, so she just told him she was sorry but she couldn't help him. He offered to repay $4 for a $2 loan. But Martina stood her ground.

So the scoring is now complete on this fellow: No runs, one hit, one error, one man left. Like most panhandlers, this one needs a new writer.