Many of the larger beauty salons offer pedicures. Generally you must make an appointment a few days in advance because the salon needs to block out an hour of someone's time. The usual tip is 15 percent, which you can give directly to the beautician or leave in an envelope at the desk.

Among some of the salons where pedicures are available:

Elizabeth Arden, 1147 Connecticut Ave. NW. $16.

Belle View Beauty Salon, 1614 Belle View Blvd., Alexandria $15.

Carmen's, 10122 University Blvd., Silver Spring $15.

Charles the First, 2602 Connecticut Ave. NW. $18.

Elodie, France International, 5101 Wisconsin Ave. NW. $20.

Jean-Paul of Garfinckels, Montgomery Mall and elsewhere $15.

Lillian Laurence, 8007 Norfolk Ave., Bethesda, and elsewhere, $15.

Natural Motion, 5332 Georgia Ave. NW. $16.

Visage, 3034 M St. NW. $15.

Watergate Hair Stylists, 2532 Virginia Ave. NW. $13. How to Find a Podiatrist

Podiatric societies will refer you to reputable podiatrists in your neighborhood. In the District and Maryland, call 424-1002; in Virginia, 578-0800; in Baltimore, 792-0410.

A first visit in this area should cost $20 to $30 (possibly less), assuming no special treatment. Inquire about the fee when you call for your appointmen appointment.