Do yesterday's pop stars really enjoy singing those same old songs night after night?

At the Warner Theater Saturday night, Little Anthony (sans the Imperials) shed some light on the subject. "Here's a song I hate. It's really dumb," he said, half kidding before unearthing "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop," a lyric for ages five through nine.

Of course, this is the stuff of which memories are made, and the crowd loved it. And so, quite obviously, did Little Anthony. No stranger to Las Vegas, Anthony's ability to skillfully tease the audience into a frenzy has only been enhanced in recent years while his throbbing tenor remains unchanged.

Mary Wells, dressed in purple slacks, a hot pink sweater and crowned by a halo of golden curls, didn't look like a great Motown singer so much as she sounded like one. Each of her hits was buttressed by a mighty chorus from the audience, which, at times, seemed more familiar with her songs than her backup band.

Earlier, the sweeping harmonies of the Velons and the Cleftones brought back memories of street-corner serenades just as surely as they brought the crowd to its feet time and time again.