The White House will announce today six new nominations for appointment to the National Council on the Arts. They are architect I. M. Pei, ballet company director Robert Joffrey, author Toni Morrison, San Francisco Opera Director Kurt Herbert Adler, actress/administrator Margo Albert from California, and Mississippi Arts Commission Executive Director Lida Rogers.

If approved by the Senate, the new appointees will serve six-year terms on the National Council, the advisory body to the National Endownment for the Arts. The terms begin Sept. 3.

"This list is first-rate," said Don Moore, deputy chairman for policy and planning at NEA. "There is a heavy emphasis on artists. We have a lot of private-sector representatives."

The full council includes 26 members, representing various artistic and civic backgrounds. Terms of office among the group are staggered. According to Moore, President Carter recommended the new nominees with input from NEA officials, members of Congress and Joan Mondale, who is active in the arts.

The NEA was especially pleased with the nomination of Pei because current council member Harry Weese, a designer, will finish out his term this summer. Likewise, Joffrey is thought to be an asset since the council lost dancer Jerome Robbins, who resigned earlier this year because of other commitments. Adler is especially important to the council now since the NEA just started a separate opera program. "Adler is a guru in opera," said Moore, "very well-known and well-respected." "