Some of Gilstraps' favorite swimnastics: For Cardiovascular Fitness

1. One of the best exercises for your heart is walking or running in the water. Start with the water at waist height and walk briskly across the pool. Then try running back.

For increased resistance, and increased benefits, go deeper. When you get to chin level lift your arms over your head as you run. For Waist and Thighs

2. Stand in chest-high water with your back touching the side of the pool. Place you elbows, arms and palms on the deck. Hold your tummy in and draw you knees to your chest.

Then, still in a tucked position with your back against the wall, swing your knees to the right, bring them back to center, then swing them to the left. Repeat six or eight times.

Rest if necessary, then bring your knees back up and try pedaling your legs as if you were riding a bike. For the thighs -- extend your legs out in front of you, with knees straight. Move them apart, then scissor them back in. Repeat, in and out, eight times. For Arms and Upper Body

3. Face the side of the pool with palms on the deck. (The deeper you stand in the water the harder this one is.) In one swift movement, jump with your feet and push with your hands until your elbows are straight and you're supporting yourself by your arms.

Then, as slowly and with as much control as you can muster, lower yourself down. For Hips and Legs

4. Stand perpendicular to the side wall and rest your hand on the deck. Stand on the leg closest to the wall and swing the other leg forward and back, then to the side, being careful to keep both knees straight and hips facing front. For Arms and Legs

5. Face the side of the pool, stand ar arm's length and rest palms against the deck. Being careful to keep your heels touching the floor and your body straight, bend your elbows and bring your upper body towards your hands -- as if you were doing a standing push-up. Slowly push yourself back to starting position and repeat six times.