William Simon, former secretary of the Treasury, was born Nov. 27, 1927, and has his sun in Sagittarius. It has been reported recently that Ronald Reagan started an investigation of three vice presidential hopefuls: Sen. Richard G. Lugar (R-Ind.), Sen. Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) and William Simon. In my previous columns I pretty well eliminated Lugar from the running and wrote that Baker had the best opportunity. The chart of William Simon, however, may give Baker a run for his money.

I also mentioned that Reagan, in order to feel congenial and sympatico with his running mate, needs someone whose chart would balance his. It should have Capicorn-scorpio emphasis (several planets in those two signs and be well aspected). I also said that Reagan, in order to win, needed someone who could stand up to the strength of John Anderson's chart and to its power with his Mars in Scorpio. So his running mate should have also have Mars in Scorpio.

Baker was the only one whose chart fulfilled these criteria, but now Simon's chart fulfills them too. His chart has strong Scorpio-Capricorn emphasis and he also has Mars in Scorpio.

In addition, several strong links, some of them karmic, between Reagan's and Simon's charts indicate that he might be Reagan's choice.

Simon's Sun conjunction Saturn and trine Uranus makes him a very hard worker who is virtually wedded to his sense of duty, while at the same time giving him originality and breadth of interests. Sun-Uranus trine always carries people into prominence; good, if the rest of the chart is excellent as Simon's, or bad if the rest of the chart is afflicted like Patricia Hearst's, for example.

His Mercury in Scorpio, conjoined with his Mars in Scorpio, and strongly configurated with other planets, makes him a veritable mind reader when it comes to people or events. This chart is so incredibly intuitive that it borders on being psychic and yet it has also a totally realistic approach to life. This is a man who can face facts fearlessly and would never make himself believe that they are different simply because he does not like what he sees or because they do not enhance his own image or flatter his ego.

He is sharp, witty, sarcastic at times and can devasate an opponent with just one sentence. But this single "death sentence" will come only if he is attacked first. The chart indicates a man with a formidable memory, like a computer's memory bank. The data are always available to him when necessary. He is not a very talkative man, but what he says carries weight and he is not apt to "shot from the hip." But if he would, watch out, he would always hit the target.

William Simon's chart indicates a rare quality of intellectual honesty and courage. He calls a spade a spade and will stand by his convictions despite any political "fallout." At the same time, he is not entrenched in his opinion, is open to hear another point of view and is capable of changing his own views, but only when it is proven to him that his data is inadequate.

For those who would want to persuade Simon to their point of view, it would behoove them to only come with the facts that are excellently researched and substantiated and not with veiled threats, emotional appeals or latest polls.

Reagan feels very compatible with this man. Their energy patterns and their thinking run along similar paths. Reagan's Mars and Mercury in Capricorn gets along well with Simon's Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, and those planets with its Uranian influence move those two men toward innovation and moderation, simply because they make them too pragmatic and practical to be pushed into unproductive lands of Utopia in which dwell the "rights" and the "lefts" of both parties.

My predictions:

Because of William Simon's link to Reagan's chart, and also because of the strong connections between his and Mondale's chart (after all, Reagan's running mate will run against Mondale too, and thus their charts should also be linked), I am giving Simon a slight edge over Baker's chart, like 50 1/2 to 49 1/2. Nancy Reagan's chart indicates that she is more sympatico to Baker and might promote his cause, thus obliterating this slight edge. It is a photo finish for these two men and either chart is excellent. Baker's chart is more strongly aspected, but then maybe if the Republicans gain control of the Senate, he could become the majority leader where he would have more power and be more visible than as the vice president.