THE LAST FLIGHT OF NOAH'S ARK -- AMC Carrollton, Belair, K-b Baronet West, Laurel Drive-In, Marumsco, Roth's Americana, Roth's Montgomery, Roth's 301 Drive-In, Super Chief Drive-In and Towncenter Sterling.

Racial sensitivity must be running rampant at Walt Disney Productions, where the comic Oriental has been a staple of non-animated films for years.

In the newest film, "The Last Flight of Noah's Ark," a Japanese pronounces the word "plane," and the cigar-chomping all-American pilot hero, played with due vulgarity by Elliott Gould repeats humorously, "Prane?"

"I have some trouble with my l s," replies the Japanese with some dignity, but unfortunately no rancor. It would be too much to hope that he would offer to slug or srug him one, but at least the old offensive joke is followed by a disclaimer.

Nothing else has changed. It is still considered funny to have all the dialogue written in Basic Sarcasm. A freckle-faced kid who values animal welfare over human is still considered to exemplify compassion. It is still considered sexy to pair a prissy, religious woman who likes classical music with a man of muscle and ignorance.

And no doubt, parents still consider dumb but innocuous movies to be fit entertainment for their children.