The Republican Convention opens tomorrow Detroit, and it opens under Retrograde Mercury. In fact, Mercury Retrograde seems to be, this year, an astrological leitmotif for the Republican Party: Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy under Retrograde Mercury, and since Mercury remains Retrograde until July 22, he will choose his running mate under the same aspect. They will both become the nominees of their party under Mercury Retrograde. On election night, Mercury will again be in its Retrograde position.

Mercury turns Retrograde three times a year and remains Retrograde for about three weeks. Recently. Mercury turned Retrograde on June 28, at 6:14 a.m. EST and will become Stationary Direct on July 22 at 11:43 a.m., EST. Before this years ends, it will become again Stationary Retrograde on Oct. 222 at 9:22 p.m. EST, and turn Direct on Nov. 12 at 5:58 a.m. EST.

Mercury is a planet of mind, reasonable, logical thinking. It rules many things, like languages, communications of any kind, all the news media, including gossip and rumors. It rules any spoken or written word and thus publications, documentations and contracts of any kind. It also rules commuters and transportation vehicles.

Under Mercury Retrograde, all of these things go slightly askew: messages get lost, telephones go out of order. Important documents get mislaid, and one spends a full day trying to find them, disturbing everything else in the process. The dinner guest list changes at the last moment with news of a "no show," and any plus that one has under this aspect do not come out the way they were planned.

There is an astrological dictum that "one should never begin anything under Mercury Retrograde" because it just never turns up the way it was intended, (and it is very seldom that it turns out better than intended). One should also never sign any binding contracts for the same reason -- since all the commitments are subject to change.

If you begin to paint your house for example, under that aspect, either the painters will be there twice as long as planned, or they will get sick, or they will run out of paint before the last door is finished. And when you go for another can of paint, they will tell you that the color is no longer available. aYou have an option then to either finish the jop with a patch of different color, or begin the whole project anew.

Thus, the key meaning of Retrograde Mercury that aspect has to be redone. It is a propitious time only for cleaning closets, finishing all correspondence, filing papers; in other words, completing old business and leaving all beginnings for the time that Mercury goes direct.

Therefore, since Reagan announced his candidacy on Retrograde Mercury and the selection of the vice presidential nominee as well as the nominating process take place with this aspect in force, I can say that people selected may not necessarily remain on the ticket, and that the results will be not as hoped for. Some changes will occur, for Retrograde Mercury implies changes and redeliberations.

I expect delegates arriving there to have problems with reservations, (a municipal workers strike in Detroit already has altered the scene). I expect ready occuring, an in the timing of various activities. I would not be surprised if there is a breakdown in communications on the floor, shortcircuits and a sudden TV blackout at the most important moment.

If the Democrats would have better aspects, I could say this Retrograde Mercury impiles a Republican loss. But since the Democrats have an even worse leitmotif of their own, this Retrograde Mercury is only indicative of some reshuffling before the election. If we combine, it, however, with Retrograde Mercury on election night, it can indicate there are no final results, and that the election will go into the House of Representatives.

Astrologically, this possibility is further substantiated by the fact that this is 1980 (astrologically a year of Mutation, when Saturn and Jupiter conjoin -- and such a conjunction indicates a reversal of trend). Since 1840) every resident elected every 20 years has died in office (1840), Harrison; 1860, Lincoln; 1880, Garfield; 1900, McKinley; 1920, Harding; 1940, Roosevelt; and 1960, Kennedy). For what might happen this year I would like to quote from the book, titled: "Horary Astrology and The Judgement of Events," by my teacher, Barbara Watters, published in 1973. She writes;'

"In 1980 there is an aberration in the conjunction, which then occurs in Libra, an Air sign. . . . This may coincide with the change, perhaps temporary, in our electoral process which may prevent the election of a president in that year." Or we may elect him in a completely different manner.