"What's good about it -- name one thing good about this lousy weather," a whining guy said.

"Well," said Mr. Right, "for one thing it's the first time the weather bureau has predicted anything right in five years. Warm and sunny, chance of rain in afternoon or evening."

Among the innumerable benefits of really classical, really sunny, really warm days are these:

House guests stay briefly when they find out you do not believe in air conditioning.

Dogs sleep on the floor, no longer insisting (and moaning and grunting and woofing) on getting on the beds.

Wives do not bake casseroles.

The danger of tripping over electric blanket cords is substantially reduced.

Okra at last decides to grow instead of just sitting there.

One does not die of the shakes when emerging from the shower, as one does from Sept. 20 to June 9.

It makes no difference if the galoshes are at the very back of the closet where a can of paint has been overturned on them.

Ducks and deer are safe from hunters.

Loudmouths do not walk across the Potomac from shore to shore.

Raccoons and squirrels do not dash down the chimney onto the living room rug in clouds of soot, and the rugs are up anyway.

There are few arguments with oil distributors when their damn truck is coming.

People do not look pale. They do not look, period. Being mainly laid out.