Billy Carter was born on March 29, 1937, and has his Sun in Aries. Much has been said and written about Billy, but most recent articles raise questions about his motivation and speculate on the possibility of sibling rivalry. The comparison of Billy's and Jimmy's charts provides us with some answer.

Billy's Sun in 8th degree of Aries is exactly opposite Jimmy's Sun in 8th degree of Libra. It is said that opposites attract and complement one another and this is true for the four pair of opposites in the Zodiac: Gemini-Sagittarius, Taurus,-Scorpio, Caner-Capricorn and Pisces-Virgo. It has less validity for Leo-Aquarius, but it has never been true for the Aries-Libra connection. These two signs drive each other batty.

An Aries like Billy want what he wants, when he wants it -- and when he wants it, is always yesterday! He continuously dashes here and there and likes to attract attention to himself in a big display of showmanship and splash. Words like deliberation, reflection and weighing of pros and cons are anathema to Aries and he runs away from them to the best of his ability. This ability to run away is considerable because of the tremendous physical energy that does not permit Aries ever to sit still.

A Libra like Jimmy, on the other hand, can "sit on the fence" for 20 years or more while deliberating one decision. Since he needs to be supremely justified, he can weigh pros and cons ad infinitum. In the process, Libra will sway from one side to the other and back again, and while doing so, he wants to be luxuriously comfortable and be paid homage.

The dash and rashness of Aries drives him batty -- and Libra sitting on the fence drives Aries batty, and even if they might try for a while to change each others' ways. Aries, who has no problem in making decisions even if they are too hasty, finally drops Libra like a hot cake and runs away, remembering the relationship as a "veritable pain in the neck." And this feeling is mutual.

I am quite sure these two brothers parted ways a long time ago, each sighing with relief that they do not have to deal with one another anymore.

Both men have their moon in Scorpio, but since their charts are completely different this moon does not make them closer, but only underlines the emotional entrenchment of their own ways.

Billy's Mercury in Aries is configurated with planet Mars. This combination makes him bright, quickly perceptive, and it also endows him with a total irreverence toward any authority. It makes him love to twist the tails on scared cows since Libra wants continous attention and since Aries never gives that to anyone for longer than 10 minutes. Billy is probably totally unfazed by his brother's presidency and could not care less, which is probably very irritating to Jimmy. Because Jimmy, with his chart, would much more prefer to be hated than ignored.

I do not see sibling rivalry, or any desire on Billy's part to upstage the president. Billy just does what he feels like doing, when he feels like doing it and if a tail is twisted on a sacred cow -- that is just fun.

One cannot ask Billy to be reflective, his chart does not have it. He has a good sense of humor and quick tongue and he says what he thinks at any given moment, especially since he has no interest at all in maintaining either his own image, or anyone else's. Frankly, his chart is refreshing by comparison to his brother's.

Billy has no patience with hypocrisy, trappings of pretended piety or of being a moralist. He likes life and likes to live it and, like typical Aries, he does not see the implications of his actions; thus he is probably genuinely surprised and speaks the truth when he says he does not understand why there is all this fuss.

There is no meanness in Billy's chart (there is in Jimmy's). He simply is what he is. He does not have much patience and Mercury in Aries does not like to dwell on any subject for a long period of time. If you like light banter, you may have fun with Billy and there is no use to impune some dark, deep, sinister motives to this chart, which indicates only a life full of precipitous actions and short-lived regrets.

My predictions:

The eclipse that falls on Jimmy's chart on Aug. 10 and affects his standing, does the identical thing to Billy's chart. This implies "fall from grace" in both charts, but since Billy's chart is rather well aspected he will not suffer much, probably because he really does not give a "hoot" about his standing.

But it would be unfair to say that it was Billy's action that brought any downfall -- it was Libra's inaction that did it.

Because of that eclipse on Jimmy's chart (a few hours before the Democratic convention) I have strong doubts that he will emerge as the nominee of the party, especially in view of the fact that Mondale's chart is extremely strong and he is still under the influence of another eclipse that is affecting his partnership (not his marriage).

And if Jimmy Carter does emerge as the nominee then the effect of that eclipse (of Aug. 10 the way it falls on his chart) can only cast him down. Since he is already president, it cannot cast him higher than he is.