In a recent column I noted that some Reagan-haters dismiss him as "a mere actor," as if that alone disqualifies one from a position of responsibility. Aileen M. Corey of Columbia writes:

"I could have kissed you, and your wife wouldn't have minded because I'm almost 79 years old.

"I was in show business in my youth. I met all kinds -- the good, the bad, and the in-between who were just real people, decent, hardworking, God-fearing -- some smart, some not so smart.

"Acting is a business, a craft. It takes study and guts to get anywhere in any business or craft. Whether you're a lawyer or a bricklayer or a bartender, you have to work .

"To downgrade and sneer at an actor shows prejudice and a holier-than-thou bias the profession does not deserve."

You tell 'em. Aileen. The truth is that no profession is entirely made up of people who deserve either admiration or derision. When I vote in November, I intend to cast my ballot for an individual, his record of achievement and his program for the future. I will have no interest in the candidate's sex, color, religion or profession.