Books can often stimulate a discussion and help foster a positive attitude about a move. Here are some suggestions: 3-6 Years

"Moving day." By Toby Tobias. Pictures by William Pene du Bois.

(Knopf, $5.95).

The pert little miss in this story is coping with her family's move well -- but her teddy bear is have a terrible time. Her understanding parents deal wisely with Bear's apprehensions.

"The Trip." By Ezra Jack Keats. (Greenwillow, $7.95).

Louie reacts to some post-move insecurities by conjuring up an adverturous flight of fantasy that includes his much-missed friends. Relieved, he runs bravely outside to find new friends to share his dreams.

"I'm Moving." By Martha Whitmore Hickman. Illustrated by Leigh Grant. (Abingdon, $5.25).

After patient explanations from his parents, William understands what moving really means: "We'd take my dresser, but not my closet . . . my bike, but not my sidewalk . . . my baby brother, but not my friend Jimmy." 5-8 Years

"I'm Not Moving!" By Penelope Jones. Pictures by Amy Aitken.(Bradbury, $7.95).

Emmy attempts to avoid moving by determinedly combing the neighborhood for a new family. Her search leads her to the conclusion that home is is not so much where you are . . . but who your are with.

"Fiona's Bee." By Beverly Keller. Pictures by Diane Paterson. (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, $4.69).

Making new friends isn't easy, especially for shy Fiona. After rescuing a bee from drowing, she not only discovers an ingenious way of making friends in her new neighborhood, but of becoming "famous" as well.

"Moving Molly." By Shirley Hughes. (Prentice-Hall, $7.95).

Even though her family, toys, bed and other familiar things are with her, bewilderd Molly misses the hustle and bustle of the city apartment she has left behind.Molly gradually realizes that country life has its advantages.

"The New Girl At School." By Judy Delton. Illustrated by Lillian Hoban. (Dutton, $7.95).

Mom's new job results in a move and a new school for Marcia. In this amusingly illustrated tale, Marcia learns what it's like to feel different and how to overcome it.

"Mitchell Is Moving." By Majorie Weinman Sharmat. Pictures by Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey. (Macmillan, $6.95).

After 60 years in the same old swamp, mitchell the dinosaur decides to add spice to his life by moving, while his dearest friend Margo does all she can to keep him near. Their comical efforts sensitively show that true friendships can be maintained from even "two weeks away." 8-12 Years "Mildred Murphy, How Does Your Garden Grow?" By Phylllis Green. Drawings by Jerry Pinkney. (Dell, $1.25).

With all the kids in her new neighborhood away on summer vacations, Mildred is lonely . . . but not for long. Using her father's telescope she discovers a mystery, shares a secret and finds a friend.

"Don't Ask Miranda." By Lila Perl. (Seabury, $7.50).

Miranda misses her tried and true friends an falls behind in school due to her family's frequent moves. Longing for acceptance, she is forced to re-examine her ideals when false frienships are offered.

"Goodbye, House: A Kid's Guide To Moving." By Ann Banks and Nancy Evans. Illustrated by Marisabina Russo. (Harmony, $4.95).

This workbook provides children with over 50 projects aimed at easing adjustments to a new neighborhood, overcoming lonelines and making moving fun. A handy, tear-out guide for parents is included to help make moving easier for the entire family. All Ages

"The Moving Experience, A Simple System for Organized Moving." By Geraldine H. Davis. (Donning, $5.95).

With helpful insights from, among others, Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Merv Griffin, Ed McMahon and Captain Kangaroo.